Last Tuesday I went to see Oliver B, the magician, at W Hotel in Leicester Square. My night described in one word = WOW!


I must admit, when I got the invite the first thing which came to mind were cringey movies with rabbits being pulled from hats and women being sawn in half – I know, the magician stereotype…sorry! However this is a world which completely amazes Alex, my boyfriend, and I knew I should give it a chance – if not just for me to try new experiences but for him too so he could come along.

We met Claire outside, a lovely young lady who invited me and a small group of others along before making our way up to the bar.

The W Hotel bar is amazing! It is super classy, with a long leather sofa around the bar area and small tables. There are pillars going up to the ceiling with fire effect inside and the lighting is suitably dimmer, a little more atmospheric. This bar would probably be a little more expensive than ones we would normally go for a drink in, however it seems the perfect place for Oliver B to spend his tuesday evenings.

We took a corner and a waitress took our order for cocktails – I had the bubblegum which I highly recommend if you go along!

Oliver B then came over to introduce himself and opened with a trick.


Alex volunteered to help first and signed his name on a card he had picked at random.

The card was returned by Alex, into the pack and the pack was shuffled. Oliver then proceeded to pull the card Alex had signed from the pack several times, no matter where Alex put it.

I did start to think…hmm just a card trick…
BUT Oliver then placed the pack of cards in Alex’s hand and told him to place his other hand over the top. Alex was asked to imagine the cards turning plastic and getting harder. Oliver was talking to him but doing nothing else. He asked Alex if they felt different in which Alex responded “not really”, but when he lifted his hand on top away the cards had turned into a clear plastic block! I was amazed and Alex a little freaked out, we couldn’t believe it!

I’m not going to tell you all the tricks, you have to go see him, he’s just outstanding! But I will tell you about my other favourite…

Oliver said he was testing the bond between Alex and I. He got us to put our left hands into fists and extend the arm. I closed my eyes whilst Alex had his open, Oliver then asked me to be aware of everything, feelings, everything around me. He then touched Alex twice on his hand (I didn’t know this had happened), and asked me what I’d felt. I told him felt two light touches to my hand – everyone astounded, he hadn’t touched me at all! He then did the same the other way round, touching my nose and Alex felt it. It was crazy!

We then got chance to sit down and get to know Oliver B a little which was really nice.

Oliver is from Essex, is in his twenties and has been doing magic for the last five years. He trained alongside a friend and Dynamo, and is really passionate about his tricks – he loves to learn new tricks regularly for himself, not just others.

Unlike Dynamo who’s very mysterious and walks off after tricks, Oliver has a fab personality, a little cheeky and really easy to get along with.

When asked if anyone could be a magician, he replied no. He could train as hard as he could, but would never run as fast as Mo Farah – you have to have nimble fingers, among other attributes and be very motivated.

He even taught us a little something to trick a group of our friends which was really cool.

I really do recommend going to see Oliver B, or if your organizing an event and magic is something you would be interested in having there Oliver would be your man!

Oliver is at the Wyld Bar at the W Hotel every Tuesday and also does numerous events, corporate parties, etc every month.

As I like to be super helpful, you can find out more at his website –, or follow him on twitter @oliverbmagic.

I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Chloe xx

First two photos provided by Oliver B’s team – lighting a little too low for good quality photos