This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6.40am to go for a run. I say dragged, but it wasn’t too hard to get up once I’d woken up properly, and I wanted to run in the morning to keep my evening free and to give me a good start to my day (The first part of my morning run-tivation)

Time for my first tempo run of the week (part of my training for half marathon) I left the house at 6.50 and slowly jogged to my nearest park. With distance set I started my run – But had to take a quick pause at one point to take some photos to share with everyone. The weather was gorgeous this morning which made my run even more enjoyable, and the way the sun was rising, shining through the trees and lighting the park…





This in itself is total Run-tivation. Running this morning was great! Mornings like this make it so much easier to get up for the morning sesh.