If you’ve just moved, having chosen some fab housemates and with a plan in place to get out there more, the next most important thing is to make sure your new home/room is as homely as you can make it.

This is important so you have somewhere to come back to which is your own, something which feels nice to be chilling in. Especially if your housemates aren’t amazing all the time – We’re not all that lucky!

In my room in my old place, I had so many photos on my walls from uni-days, tourrrrrrr, dance socials, my holiday with Alex, etc. I had lots of little things covering the walls and on my shelves. Wherever there was space I tried to fill it. I loved my room! I spent much of my time in there in the evenings to escape and have me time, to relax and re-charge for work the next day.

I will mention here – be careful with blutack and nails in walls as a lot of landlords won’t like marks being left! you can get around this by covering wardrobe doors with photos, and most won’t mind the odd tack in the wall as long as you take it out and fill the tiny hole. Polyfiller will be your little saviour when this day comes!

I haven’t got round to doing my new bedroom yet, having moved a couple months ago now I am slacking a little, but being one of the lucky people out there with fab housemates I tend to spend most of the time in the living room where I do have my canvasses hung on the walls and our shared space is so lovely and cosy. I will be doing my room however, as I do love decorating my own space and having this to come back to. I have these butterflies my Grandma made me, and I can’t wait to hang them!

So there you have it. Get on snapfish/photobox and order your masses of photos. Amazon is pretty good for little decorations too. Or get crafty – we all love a bit of creativity! And make your room your little safe haven from the outside world. Trust me – You’ll love it too!