If you’re moving anywhere new, not just to London, one thing you must consider is housemates.

When I first went to move down to London, I looked for people who seemed nice and easy to get on with – but price and location came pretty high on my list, as well as liking the house.

Looking for a new place can get so tiring, a little depressing with the number of places you go to see, and very stressful. But make the most of it! Make sure you like the location, the room and the house but most importantly the people you live with.

If your moving to somewhere new there’s nothing like going home to a friendly house after a long day at work and chilling with the housies. You don’t want to be one of those people who walk down your street, fingers crossed, looking out for the lights to your house, hoping that no-one is in.

It makes a huge difference having people you like to relax with, rant to perhaps and generally make you feel like you belong after a long day/week. Friends and having people there is important! I found it hard being somewhere new to start with – it’s natural! Making friends in a big city is not as easy as at university. But it’s getting easier, and having found one housemate through work and another on spareroom, I feel so lucky to love coming home and planning evenings and weekends with my housemates.

So that’s one of my top tips for moving! You can find some great people on Spareroom and can actually chat with them first before viewing places with them. So if you don’t know anyone looking to move get on SpareRoom, and start conversations with lots of other people looking for a new home – you might just find some new friends for life – I know mine will be!