The second top tip I want to share with everyone for moving, whether to London, or anywhere else is to get out there. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations and make the most of anything you can do to meet new people.

I did find it hard when I first moved, my housemates were pretty nice (found them through spareroom) and tried to involve me sometimes, but I needed to make more friends of my own.

So here are a few things I recommend:

Find a hobby. Join a class. Start or try something new. I started going back to adult ballet but joined a class at Pineapple Dance Studio in Covent Garden last summer. I loved the class and met one of the girls through going to this. Me and my friend Corinne started talking at ballet one evening and we’re still great friends now. You already have something in common so always a good starting point.

Drinks with work mates & work socials. Join in when invited to go along, or as a set rule for most work drinks find out when they are and invite yourself! Get talking to your colleagues after work or people in the same building and you’ll get to know many more people. Their friends may even be thrown into the mix – perfect way to network and get to meet some newbies.

You don’t feel like going out? Still go. It may not be what you really feel like doing, but is this really because you’re tired or is it because you’re nervous and this is a way your body reacts? You’ll most likely be happy with your decision to go, and you’ll only regret it if you don’t – you’ll be thinking what you could be doing, whilst sat at home. After all life is for living, so get out there – push yourself a little!

Ok so I didn’t have that much confidence to do things like this before my last year of uni. But you really have to push yourself, I learnt this. Not only will you get to meet new people but you’ll also grow more as an individual and gain confidence. Your comfort zone and barriers are there to be pushed, don’t hide behind these. Make the most of your new surroundings and location and go meet people and enjoy yourself! I’m so happy I did.