Recently I realised how little summer jewellery I really have. I have the odd piece, and a lovely little birth stone necklace from my parents which I wear a lot, but no summer statement jewellery. With festivals, evenings out and other day plans coming up I decided this was definitely something I need to think about before it got too late (i.e. I’m getting ready for something and I just sit and stop as i don’t know what to do to dress my outfit up! OR I raid my housemates ever growing collection of fashion! she has offered, I’m not intruder :P)

I searched a number of sites for a while, not really knowing what to get. I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I also wanted something which no-one else would necessarily be wearing. I like my jewellery to be different.

I came across Lylia Rose on twitter and thought I’d have a browse.

Lylia Rose sells Jewellery, scarves, bags and key rings – all with only so many in stock so the chances someone will be wearing exactly the same are pretty slim which I think is perfect!

Trawling through the stunning necklaces I came across this beauty and knew I had to have it. It wasn’t expensive either, I couldn’t believe it!



I purchased via paypal – so easy! It was delivered very quickly too, I think I had it two days after purchasing. Sat at my office desk the receptionist brought it down to me and I felt like I was opening a present – they are so nicely packaged too.



I must say, there’s not been days yet I haven’t been wearing this little statement piece round my neck. I’ve been wearing it on top of high necked blouses and dresses, but also with lower cut vest tops (love this look with my grey tube skirt which comes just below my knees) and the weekend just passed I wore it with a black blouse unbuttoned at the top, jeans and little flat embroidered pumps for an evening out in a bar. So many different combinations with one necklace to dress them all up.

This was a perfect buy. My outright favourite for June! Lylia Rose gets a massive thumbs up from me.


I would love to hear about other pieces people have bought for their summer jewellery collections, I’m already looking at Lylia Rose again for a new bracelet this time…hmmm or perhaps another necklace…so many choices!