I can’t say I’ve been to anywhere near all the pubs in North London…So I know I’m not a pub expert of the sorts…But after experiencing The Junction in Highbury I didn’t need to go elsewhere. This pub is my favourite…especially when it comes to watching the Arsenal football matches!

The Junction Highbury

The Junction is super close to Highbury & Islington Station based just off the round-a-bout on St. Pauls Road – (right in the heart of Arsenal’s home).

The Junction has 8 screens including one on the outside of the pub where there are benches – Perfect for the warmer weather, or any smokers not wanting to miss a second of the action – not that I’m trying to encourage in the slightest! The inside of the pub is pretty big! They have a pull down screen and projector, lots of seating and space to stand, and a separate area towards the back round by the open kitchen where there is another screen – This is where Alex chose to sit last weekend, a prime spot (could he get any closer to that screen?) The Junction - Highbury

The staff are very friendly – Some are starting to recognise me now 🙂 –  and the prices are pretty reasonable for being close to central London too. We get a round of drinks for the two of us for £7-£8 (This is the alcoholic sort – you can get a pint of coke/diet coke for under £3). 

We sometimes grab lunch or dinner here if during matches. The food is amazing for pub food. They sell pizzas which are freshly made and stone baked in their pizza oven! Alex always goes for the meat feast with chilli but I like to shake it up – You can go large too for an extra few pounds making it suitable to share which we have done  before, it’s a great option!
Pizza - The Junction Highbury

Our large Meat feast pizza with a side of fries to share

Last weekend we got tempted by the burgers and decided to try the chicken burger with fries – They were tasty but I didn’t think quite as good as the pizza – Maybe that’s just because this is the only place I really eat pizza nowadays and it’s just SO SO good! They do do salads and sandwiches too. Food is reasonably priced and pretty standard for this area of London.

The atmosphere during the football matches can only be described as one word – AMAZING! I love it…Obviously as long as we’re winning or it can be a little quiet and tense 😛  Everyone is lively, really into it (obviously as they’re there to support their team!) and all appear pretty friendly so you never feel intimidated. It’s just so enjoyable! –

We’re actually going almost every week now to watch the matches here because it’s convenient as it’s local to Alex’s and it’s just great! The Junction Highbury

Photo taken from behind the pull down screen – taken as it’s quietened down after the match. It can get packed out! We tend to get there early for every match we go to watch.

(Just to note, during Arsenal Home games it is a arsenal fan only pub – I think probably just to be cautious)

If you’re looking for a pub in North London, even if not to watch the Arsenal match, I would highly recommend this place. For food or just drinks, The Junction is a great pub and place to relax and catch-up with friends or your boyfriend.

Do you have a favourite pub?

Chloe xx