One of the #smallchanges I mentioned recently was drinking more smoothies to curb my sweet cravings, and also to have as a breakfast on gym mornings when I can’t face a bowl of porridge bobbing up and down in my empty stomach whilst I work out – gross!

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with the Nutribullet since visiting my Auntie in January (she gave me some great tips, including that you should use half a cup of greens per blast), it’s just so easy, throw everything in the cup, pop the lid on and blitz, DONE.

Here’s some of my favourite recipes so far:

My morning Pea-rrie smoothie

Smoothies (1)

Ingredients: Half a cup of kale, half a pear, two dessert spoons of frozen berries, a small handful of sunflower seeds, 3 almonds. The cup then topped up half way with coconut water. Obviously the less water the less runny, so if you like it thicker reduce the coconut water.

I love this. It’s pretty sweet due to the berries but includes plenty of protein from the nuts and seeds which I wouldn’t usually pick up to snack on. It also includes vitamin c from the coconut water … plenty of nutritious-ness goings on.

The sweet orange

Smoothies (2)

Ingredients: Half a cup of spinach, half a large carrot or a whole small carrot, half a large orange, a small handful of sunflower seeds and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Top up half way with some cold tap water.

If you’re not used to raw carrot this might take a little getting used to. However, the cinnamon adds a nice sweetness and mixed with the orange this is a great combination. Really fresh and again adding the seeds I wouldn’t always add to my day.

The Green Monster

Smoothies (3)

This smoothie may look mean and evil but it’s a great way to get more greens in your diet. It tastes really fresh, and the cucumber really stands out.

Ingredients: half a cup of kale, a portion of cucumber (I used a third of a normal sized cucumber), a handful of seeds, a few nuts, some chia seeds, topped up halfway with coconut water.

The creamy mid-afternoon treat

Ingredients: 3 spoonfuls of frozen berries, a banana, 3 almonds and topped halfway with skimmed/semi-skimmed milk.

The banana and the milk add an extra creaminess to this smoothie making it feel naughty when it really isn’t. This is a great mid-afternoon snack to help keep me from reaching for the sweets and is so tasty.

Are you a Nutribullet enthusiast? What are your favourite concoctions?

Chloe xx