You should know me by now…always up for a new experience.

So after having a little shop in our local shopping centre this weekend, I stopped at Bubble Tino and stared at their menu….and stared a little longer!

There’s so many choices and for a bubble tea newbie it can definitely be overwhelming!

But the staff were very friendly and explained the differences between the different types of bubbly potions:
Smoothies/vitality potion – iced (inc tea)
Fun potion – more milky (but not actually milk – it’s lactose free!)
ZEN potion – more like fruit juice but lighter with the tea

All are 99% caffeine free,and can include the bubbles in the bottom – fruity flavoured balls you chew (there’s liquid inside), you can choose which flavour of these you want too!

The guys working let us newbies try a few different ones as we were still baffled. The smoothie tasted really nice, and there was a ZEN one with jasmine tea and something which tasted good too! I wasn’t a huge fan of the fun potions, but perhaps not in the right ‘milkshake’ mood. I went for a citrus ZEN potion with strawberry bubbles. It was delicious and very refreshing!

All round a good new try! Thumbs up from me.

Definitely a new fave…if not in need of caffeine and a good costa coffee cooler.