Last Friday I had my first EVER afternoon tea. Yes I may be English but not all of us have experienced this, right? – my mum had never been for one either!

My mum’s birthday was in August and as I went home a little before and they came to London for my Uncle’s wedding in September, we still hadn’t managed to do anything to celebrate, so I booked my mum and I a champagne afternoon tea for last Friday, in Worcester.

I told mum on thursday night and she seemed to love the surprise! She was already picking out what she was going to wear 🙂

Friday morning we got the train to Worcester and did a little shopping (mainly the window variety) before heading to Bill’s.

Bill’s is reasonably new in Worcester but one of the lovely waitresses said there are more in London – maybe I’ll have to check these out! We entered and were greeted by a friendly member of staff who showed us to our table. We were given a drinks menus for if we wanted to order extra drinks and mum and I sat chatting and awaited our champagne.

Champagne afternoon tea at Bill's

Champagne afternoon tea at Bill's

LOVE the strawberries on the side!

We also got some tap water for the table, trying to keep hydrated and I thought best not get too tipsy at lunch 😛

The gentleman I spoke to on the phone the day before came over and made sure everything was ok and wished mum a happy birthday, which I thought was lovely! (By the end of our time in Bill’s I think almost every member of staff had! – She was worried they’d come out singing haha!)

Our afternoon tea didn’t take too long to arrive at our table, and look how it arrived…

Afternoon Tea at Bill's Worcester

It looked AMAZING! Such a selection. Mum said, do you think we’re only meant to pick one cake, making a joke as there seemed so much! 😛 

The finger sandwiches were soft and delicious. I think the salmon one was my fave, but I’m a sucker for most things salmon. You could tell they put a lot of effort in though with keeping them looking neat and yummy – Not squished from cutting or bits falling out!

finger sandwiches

We then went for the scones. Again delicious. They came with a really cute pot of jam and a small dish of clotted cream. We spread the cream and jam and indulged. Every mouthful was almost ‘melt in your mouth’, they were so good!


We then slowly made our way through the cakes…Yes we did manage them all 😛 We shared them all, so really it was only 2-3 mouthfuls of each cake – that was us justifying the amount we ate haha. But it was a great way to do it, so we couldn’t disagree about who had what – only joking! We just wanted to try everything! 

Cake selection - Afternoon tea at Bill's

The pink square on the left was a squishy sweet with a marshmallow texture. It had something crunchy on the top, but didn’t taste too sweet. We did think it had a slight cucumber taste – not sure if this was our taste buds after our champagne 😛 But we ate it all.

The slice of cake at the back was a lemon cake. It was moist and a great ratio of cake to icing so not too sickly! It was really yummy.

The strawberry tart looking cake had a biscuit-y texture base with fresh cream and strawberries on top. I’m not a huge fan of cream but this was pretty tasty! The biscuit was nice and crumbly, it hadn’t gone soggy under the cream and the cream had kept its shape and firmness under the strawberries.

Last but not least, the chocolate brownie. Now I think this had to be our favourite as we seemed to be savouring each mouthful! It was divine, maybe if we’d had big pieces it would be sickly but sharing the brownie was perfect. It was VERY chocolatey with a moist texture, and my tastebuds were loving every mouthful! And they’re normally quite savoury lovers! 

Whilst making our way through our last cake we did order another drink, amaretto sours (amaretto, pink lemonade and lemon juice), which were awesome too – I think I might try make these at home soon too after trying them.

Our table was cleared once we had finished our feast and mum and I sat chatting and laughing letting everything settle a little before asking for the bill.

With the bill came a birthday present for mum – I know, how sweet! It really was a fab experience, great friendly service and a pretty good price to match too!

I’m really pleased I got to experience an afternoon tea for the first time with mum. A lovely mother-daughter afternoon, with giggles and delicious food and drink.


I would obviously go back to Bill’s for another special occasion, but I would love to hear where you recommend for afternoon tea too.

Chloe xx