My first ever IMAX experience can be summed up as … Completely incredible.

I went to see The Avengers:Age of Ultron at BFI IMAX, Waterloo and it was like nothing I’ve experienced before.

IMAX - Avengers Age of Ultron

We turned up a little early and collected our tickets from the booth. The screening for first opening weekend of the Avengers did sell out really quick, so I’d book far enough in advance as to avoid disappointment.

I debated froyo from Yog, (yes they have a froyo shop!) and we even considered a drink from the bar which you can take in the theatre, however we’d both had a few the night before and so soft drinks were good for us.

We went upstairs and ordered snacks and drinks – couldn’t resist the pic’n’mix! We waited about 5minutes before the screen opened before taking our glasses and finding our seats.

It’s the first cinema I’ve been to where they have someone announce the film. Vincent was funny and friendly, really added to the experience.

The trailers came first and adverts (yes they still have those), and finally the film!

Just WOW!

The experience in the IMAX is almost like what’s going on is happening right in front of you – It’s 100x better than 3D films! Sound comes from around the room, the image is 3D coming from a curved screen so you almost feel part of what’s going on!

If you watch the avengers trailer you’ll see just how amazing it could be…

But you really do have to experience it for yourself, and this film is definitely worth paying for IMAX tickets.

I’m already planning my next IMAX visit.

Hope you enjoy too

Chloe xx