There you have it. My guilty pleasure is Sushi. Well one of them. I have a few which come and go in phases.

The thing with all my guilty pleasures is they’re not necessarily naughty (as in calorie-ridden, fattening and bad for you), most are super healthy, well apart from sweets – I’m almost always in the mood for sweets, not chocolate though, yes I must be a weird version of a woman. But all aren’t exactly the cheapest options out there.

Ok, so I understand sushi isn’t that expensive. But if you had it as many times as I want it in a week, it’s bordering on spending a fortune.

I didn’t necessarily love the thought of eating sushi before moving to London. But my inquisitive side got the better of me, and one day out with Alex I decided to take the leap! Thumbs up to my inquisitive side!

And how can you resist this…



Whoops couldn’t resist all the edamame beans before taking my photo!

My fave: Salmon Nigiri (below)


My bit on the side: Wasabi, ginger and soy. The whole sha-bang! (Below – wasabi packet is missing, already on my plate ready for putting on my sushi – obviously too eager)


Do I use chopsticks?: Hell Yes! Who doesn’t? Forks and Fingers are cheating by the way! 

Where would I recommend to try if you haven’t had sushi yet?: My first experience of sushi was at Yo! Sushi. You can pick as many little plates off the moving conveyor as you want to try, which I thought was great so I could try lots of different dishes. It can add up though so keep an eye on your colourful stack of empty plates!

Wasabi is fab! You can choose individual sushi rolls, Nigiri, California Rolls and more to make your own tray – so you get to decide what you try. Or you can pick their ready-made trays which I love too! They’re combinations of sushi always go well. I do love a bit of Wasabi. Has never been a let down.

Abocado is also a good shout. Although less of a pic ‘n’ mix style choice. So better for those who don’t mind too much what they get with their fave bits in a tray. I sometimes opt for this.


So there you go. My low-down on one of my current guilty pleasures! I would definitely recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried – You’re missing out! But perhaps watch a ‘How to use chopsticks’ video first.