Alex has to be one of the luckiest football fans. On the Friday before the Euro 2016 finals, he got a message to see if he wanted to take someone’s place in a 24 hour round trip to France and back. For the EURO FINALS!

As much as I moaned about yet another month of football – I always quite look forward to the summer break so I can be refreshed for the new season in August…haha – I did think this was an amazing opportunity!

So the morning after Wireless Festival, Alex got up super early, like 6am!, and headed to St. Pancras for the Eurostar with his best friend.

I kept up with his Snapchat, and got a couple messages throughout the day, but left him to enjoy his day of tourism, drinking, watching the football and partying in the street until 4am!

He came back to England that morning, and went to work – what a crazy but dedicated fool! – so I didn’t see him until I got home from work that evening. And that’s when he told me he’d bought me a little pressie from his trip away!

A present from only one day away – how cute and thoughtful! I’m definitely really lucky too πŸ™‚ Look what he bought me…

Fauchon Paris Macarons

I didn’t realise what it was going to be at first, opening the Fauchon Paris box to a beautifully wrapped set of 8 macarons. It actually looked so good I didn’t want to destroy it by eating them!Β But soon I couldn’t help but give into temptation, and we both had one after dinner.

There were two flavours, a lemon one which was quite citrus and zingy, delicious and sweet, and a vanilla one which was almost the flavour of a custard cream but a little lighter and with a strong vanilla pod flavour.

Fauchon Paris Macarons

Both flavours, had a soft almost spongey double layer with a creamy, indulgent centre, yet were really light in texture so they didn’t feel too naughty. They were absolutely divine.

Me liking to savour my treats, tried to make them last so I could have one every now and then. A week after Alex bought them, they were still good – So they do keep quite well for a bakery style treat! – but a couple days later on they’d gone hard, and although they still tasted just as good, they weren’t the right texture (actually more like a biscuit).

I think this is one of the best sweet treats I’ve been given as a gift, miles better than chocolate! Now just to find a good place to buy them in London…

What’s your favourite flavour macaron? Where do you buy yours?

Chloe xx