This weekend my sister came down – one of her regular visits which we always enjoy!

This time just before she came down we were on the phone and she said she wanted to do something for my birthday, as an early present, rather than getting me a gift and not being sure what to get or whether I would definitely use it. Excited by the idea of doing something new, I told her it would be amazing to do something different.

And it was amazing!

Emma took me on the London Eye for my early birthday present!



I had never been on the London Eye – was such a good choice! She bought tickets from 365tickets in the morning (fantastic prices – check it out!), and we printed before heading to Waterloo.

From the station it’s so easy to find – just look up!

Note: do read the tickets. In excitement we thought we only had to queue half hour before … as we went to join the queue we should have already picked up the actual tickets using our 365 printout at the County Hall just in front of the London Eye. Luckily we were early so still had time to do this.

Here are some of my photos of our view :










It lasts about 30mins and the views are fantastic.

I would love to go back to see what the city looks like at night. If you only walk along a bridge in the city, in the dark, you see so many lights. It looks beautiful.