Like many others I know I struggle to eat breakfast before a morning workout. One of the personal trainers who takes some of the morning classes says even a banana would be a good thing, but I won’t give any extra sleeping time up (allowing time for the food to go down – I need my beauty sleep!) and I don’t want to feel it all jiggling about whilst doing my cardio classes. Eughhh – Hello, I don’t want to spew in the middle of plyometric lunges and squats!

They do say exercise before breakfast is good, which I like to believe. It does give your metabolism a fab start to the day…and personally I appreciate my breakfast a lot more slightly later.

At the moment, and since before christmas, I have been going through a huge fitness fanatic phase. I love my fitness classes and crave the after fitness feeling constantly. Hang on all you worriers, I am ensuring I get rest too 🙂

I’m trying to make sure I get my protein in – need to build those muscles – and recently I was in my local Tesco and found this little treasure…

Oomf Bench pressed oats - protein porridge

Oomf! Why Protein Porridge Pot

Ommf  protein porridge pot! Perfect for breakfast after a great morning gym sesh which works my muscles well.

Porridge is a staple in my everyday life anyway, the slow release of oats is great for me for the office as it helps keep me from snacking. So when I saw this little yellow and blue pot standing out on the shelf I jumped at it, putting what I already had in my hands back.

The packaging obviously does what it intends, eye-catching and looks pretty cool! Not boring like some protein products you come across. The key information big on the front – how much protein it includes.

Here’s the inside with the lid off.

Oomf Whey Protein Porridge Pot

So it’s not a huge breakfast but perfect for me for the start of my day. You fill the pot to the line with hot water and stir until all mixed and slightly thicker. I do like my porridge a little thicker so if you like yours runnier just add water a little later when you know how thick it is.

Oomf Whey Protein Porridge Pot

Oomf Whey Protein Porridge Pot

With 20.8g of protein, it has more than a total greek yoghurt, but about the same amount to one of my other faves, Upbeat.  This is a little less than other protein drinks, but I have read that 20-30g of protein is the perfect amount, any more than that and we’re not doing any extra good.

The taste is a little different to anything I’ve had before. It does have a slight banana taste, although you can taste the whey protein in the pot too. Saying this though, I did like it!

They also do Apple, Sultana and Cinnamon, and gingerbread protein porridge pots – I can’t wait to try these!

If you exercise in the mornings and don’t eat brekkie until after, do give this a go! Protein is great for helping to build/repair muscles after a workout, and the Oomf Whey Protein Porridge pot is quick, easy and keeps you going through the morning. It’s especially awesome whilst the mornings are cold!

Let me know what you think!

Chloe xx