Shaped to fit nicely in your ear. Sweat proof and rain proof. Powerful bass. What else do you need from a set of headphones for running?



I bought my new headphones off amazon a few weeks ago. I love them.

Not only do they fit nicely and stay in my ears (I have little ear syndrome – and don’t like the bud earphones, so others normally feel uncomfortable or fall out – not fun whilst running! Trying to fumble for the lost headphone), with the clip that’s on the wire they don’t flap about and whack me in the face whilst out on a jog.

The sound is amazing and helps keep me motivated.. sometimes you just really need that power tune! For all family reading…don’t worry I’m super careful when out on a run!

Sweat proof and rain proof just tops it off. No one can help getting sweaty on a long run.

AND they also come with their own little breathable storage pouch to keep them safe whilst transporting. No tangled cables, and less damage whilst in your Mary poppins style handbag!


Fab set of headphones. Definitely recommend to any runner or anyone looking for headphones for sports!

A big thumbs up from me!