I do love a lazy weekend.

Like after a crazy week, where you feel like you haven’t stopped once, it’s nice to think that you haven’t got many plans. You can really switch off, have some me time, and catch-up on some TV, reading, or what ever you really want to do. The best bit – you don’t even have to do anything. Everyone needs to recharge after all!

I love spending some down time reading a good book, blogging or catching up on TV. But I do also love a good film – and it’s not always easy to find a really good one!

There’s so many films out there, but how do you know which are good, which are horrendously awful, too scary or overly cheesy? Do you trust rotten tomatoes ratings or IMDB scores?

I always try to go by recommendations from others. So here’s my top 5 Netflix picks of the moment, to help you all out with this weekends top watch list:

Still Alice

I watched this film for the first time recently with one of the girls, and we both sat afterwards just absorbing it. I can’t promise this movie won’t make you tearful. It completely draws you in and takes you on a thought provoking and emotional adventure, leaving you feeling raw and empathetic.

The perfect film if you fancy a drama or something sad – yes, there are those days!

Still Alice is about a linguistics professor who finds out she has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. You follow Alice and her family through the story as her Alzheimer’s progresses.

I didn’t really understand how Alzheimer’s affected individuals or families, so this was really educational too. An amazing film, it’s one of the best I’ve seen recently!

Ride Along

I love a Kevin Hart film, and this does not fail to please. A fab comedy for some top quality laughs!

Ride Along follows a security guard, Ben (Hart) as he tries to prove himself to his girlfriend’s brother, James (Ice Cube), who’s a top police officer. Ben’s girlfriend talks her brother into taking Ben on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta, to help him show that he’s up for the task.

This is one of my fave comedies. I laughed almost all the way through and love the relationship between Hart and Ice Cube. A great way to cheer yourself up this Saturday!

Think Like a Man

Ok, so this is another Kevin Hart film – I did say that I LOVE a Hart film. He’s just so funny!

Think Like a Man centres around Steve Harvey’s relationship advice, which becomes a go to for women – something which apparently works at all times. When four friends find out that their girlfriends/fiancees/wives have tried to use this advice on them, they conspire to to turn the tables on the ladies.

Absolutely hilarious film with a great cast. Another fab feel good movie, which deserves a watch if you haven’t already seen it.

Pain & Gain

A comedy/crime/drama which is funny yet gripping. A great film you can watch again and again.

Pain & Gain is about three bodybuilders who get caught up in the wrong business, including a kidnapping scheme, for money which goes really wrong.

I love this film.The trio of actors work so well together, and although the plot is a bit like ‘would people really do that?’, it’s great if you can just let all your preconceptions go and get into it.

The Lone Survivor

An action thriller war film which is gripping from start to end.

The Lone Survivor is a biography of Marcus Luttrell, who sets out with his team to capture and kill a notorious Taliban leader.

This movie was great. Completely different to all the above, yet amazing in it’s own way, the Lone Survivor had me on the edge of my seat, and completely engrossed. I don’t always go for a war film, but this was a fantastic choice. Even if you don’t always give this style of film a go, you should definitely try it out!

What’s your fave Netflix pick? I’d love some more recommendations!

Chloe xx