It’s the end of Monday already! I can’t believe it – currently curled up in the living room in my comfies, cup of tea in hand, thinking about getting an early night for the first day back to work AND I definitely need my beauty sleep!

So here’s what I’ve was up to over the last week.

My fave breakfast at the moment (Ermm and lunch at work..well it does save money!)


Date Night – Night in watching ‘Blacklist’, and was cooked dinner (chicken marinated in chilli flavoured sauce and with crispy top with veggies and a taster of his mums lasagne…YUMM!) :


This week everyone was doing their part for cancer research, raising awareness with the #nomakeupselfie and donating by sending a text to 70099. Thought this was amazing, had to get involved! They’ve raised 2million already!


Spent most of the weekend chilling, have film afternoons with the housie and a friend, and Sunday with Alex. Nibbles, cider and laughs. Watched some fab films including Rio which was channel 4. Even tempted to go see the second in the cinema in April!


Went on a lovely wander to go find lidl, on a mission to cook dinner on a budget and lidl is great for meat. It was nice not to just jump on a tube.


And I finally got my trainers back on, moved by bum and got running again! Loved it! Went twice last week and now on a mission to get back on track.


And that was my week. This weeks already started well – and got so much to look forward to with it being my birthday week. Very excited! Hopefully have lots to tell.

Hope you all have a great week!