Christmas Day and Boxing Day may be through, but the festive period is no where near done! There’s probably still family to visit, or just the time to relax before the New Year antics begin.

New Year is one of those nights which I think is pretty overrated. When I worked in the hospitality industry, I did enjoy working new year though, the atmosphere was fab! But now I’m out of that, I have to think about what I would like to do, the money, and the night just goes so quickly…I’m sure I almost missed seeing the new year in last year, too preoccupied enjoying myself and talking to friends – I went to a house party, but not a crazy one.

On the subject of new year, I got sent this infographic a short while ago and thought it was fab!

You may have realised I do like my interesting facts, especially the quirky ones! My brother on the other hand has been titled ‘Google King’ by my dad as he just knows everything!Β A little jealous that’s for sure.Β 

New Year facts



I love the bubbles fact, 40 million bubbles in a bottle of room temperature champagne! However I don’t think I’ll be having a head and tail of fish this new year. I hope it’ll be a good year though still!

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, what ever you get up to!

Chloe xx