So it’s been way too long since blogging last time, and I actually feel guilty for letting myself get away with it! I love writing, I just didn’t have enough time. It is actually quite hard putting time aside, making sure it’s a time you’re relaxed enough to really love writing you blog ( as let’s face it, there’s no point writing if you don’t enjoy it!!), and a time when you are actually going to be happy with what you write!

My time over Christmas was jam packed! Visiting home, making Christmas presents, seeing friends before Christmas, working (as I’m in retail too), making the most of Christmas, Winter Wonderland, sales shopping and New Year! But now come the New Years Resolutions – TO BLOG being one of my main resolutions!

Today was my first day in my new job – I am now officially an Assistant Account Executive, and I love my job! Back to normality today means more time in the evenings and eventually the weekends; time to keep my new years resolutions.

Along with blogging I have decided that I want to try something new every month – whether that’s learning something new (I want to learn how to knit, how to dance in a different style…), or trying somewhere new (a new restaurant, attraction, visit a new place…), trying a new food/drink,ย  but 2014 is going to bring many new and exciting things, and I can’t wait!

I would definitely recommend this to everyone – Make the most of life and try everything you can.