Every adult loves being a big kid now and then – you have to let the inner child out to play, it’s good for the soul!

Kim and I decided to let our inner big kids out to play for our Christmas meet-up this year, with a trip to Ballie Ballerson.

Ballie Ballerson is in the heart of Shoreditch (great location for such a place), and has been all the rave recently so we were dying to find out what the excitement was about.

Leaving our coats in the cloakroom, a little more free to play, we headed straight to one of the two ball pits – unfortunately on the night we visited only one was open due to a private party.  The ball pit was deep and we struggled to make our way through the sea of plastic, me almost falling face first into the balls, laughing as we wiggled and jumped our way through.

Ballie Ballerson

It was quite fun. We played a little, sat down, struggled to get up, took some pics and laughed at others who were getting overly excited like they were 5 years old and had just arrived at an indoor play area. See, everyone loves letting their inner child out!

Ballie Ballerson

Breaking to re-hydrate, well kind of, we headed to the bar.

Ballie Ballerson

The bar area is SO cool. With vibrant neon walls and graffiti like patterns, people were making the most of the photo opportunity. They had a big Christmas tree and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling too, making the whole bar area feel super festive – perfect for our Christmas get-together. They even had a DJ too.

Ballie Ballerson

Drinks at the bar are usual prices for Shoreditch, with cocktails at £10, wine at about £6 and prosecco at £7 a glass. With the night to celebrate Christmas, prosecco was the obvious choice – served with a cherry in the bottom (Of course I ate this after, I love a glace cherry). 

Ballie Ballerson

We headed back to the pit which had quite quickly become overly busy, especially with one pit closed, and stood on the edge watching the madness, having a giggle and getting in the childish spirit (as much as possible).

We didn’t stay longer than the two hours we’d booked for, as it did become pretty busy in the ball pit so decided to head off somewhere a little quieter to have a proper catch-up over dinner and drinks.


At £11 for the two hour ball pit slot, it’s not too bad but do pick your time wisely – our slot started at 6pm on a Thursday evening and by 7pm it was super busy. I would however recommend it for the experience – as I said, it’s good for the soul to let the inner child out! 

How do you let your inner child out? Do you have some fun plans for over Christmas?

Chloe xx