Sometimes, finding something to keep us occupied on the weekends (when we’re not away) is a pretty difficult task. This is definitely the case for the upcoming weekend. Especially with a boyfriend in one of those space style boots, due to a ruptured achilles. What we can do that’s fun and out of the house (because we’ve been stuck in for weeks), but not too active is a difficult balance.

If we wanted to stay in, things are simple. We could order a takeaway (or cook something fancy), put our comfies on and kick our feet up to relax in front of a film or TV series. We’ve been getting addicted to Ozark and are dying to watch a couple of recommendations from friends and family. We could even put the old school Nintendo Wii on.

If we wanted to go out out we could get dressed up and head out for dinner, drinks or even hit the club or some local bars. That’s if you’re able to of course – we did manage it one weekend at a bar, even with Chris on crutches. We’ve been out for dinners too, although there is only so much eating you can do each weekend, no matter how much you try to squeeze in. But what if you want something in between? Something that will be fun but not keep you out till the early hours? What if you want to find something to avoid the rain? That’s when I sometimes struggle.

A good answer to this – head to the theatre. I love the theatre.

It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up, maybe have a couple of drinks, have a fab evening, but be back in bed before midnight. It’s a classy evening where you can enjoy a musical, a drama, or another live performance from highly talented people on the open stage. I always come away in awe, wanting to re-start dance.

However, choosing what to go and see at the theatre is always a difficult choice. We all have our personal favourites that tick our boxes and meet our preferences – some of us are die-hard Les Mis fans, while others are looking for something more upbeat. But what about when we want to try something new? And what if someone asks for a recommendation like I was asked for just today?

This infographic from theatre shows below will help you to determine what show you should go and see – and I think it’s awesome!  It asks a bunch of questions along the way and can guide you towards making the right decision based on your answers! I’ve already used it to choose what I should see next.

Give it a go and let me know what you get! Have you been to see it?

Infographic Design By theatre shows

Do you go to the theatre much? What do you recommend to others?

Chloe xx

*This is a collaborative post