I’m sure we all know I love a Mr Foggs, especially when there’s some sort of experience going on too. I love that immersive stuff. The cool and quirky events or exclusive runs of menus. It makes everything a little different. Adds some extra pizzazz to the London scene. Shakes up an already loved spot.

I’d been to Mr, Foggs Society of Exploration before with the girls when it first opened. But right now they’re running a summer safari experience, so it’s exactly the right time for a return visit! Tie that in with wanting to introduce Chris to one of my fave bars and it was a ‘we have to try this’ kinda situation. The inside of Mr Foggs Society of Exploration has had a slight jungle update, with foliage donning most walls, tribal masks, and more. There’s a board by the bar too for spotting the big five. But what it’s really all about is the immersive experience.

Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of ExplorationMr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration

The whole adventure is a collaboration with Whitley Neill Gin. You can don your safari hat, check out the menu on the Polaroid-style viewfinder and wait for the safety precautions to begin. We absolutely loved the viewfinder, it was so different. There’s also a paper copy with all the details just in case the big five move by without you catching them.

Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration

The safety precautions then arrive once you’re settled and ready, and this is where things get even more creative.

The safety precautions consist of a tray with cinnamon sticks (which they burn in front of you to ward off the mosquitos), a boozy mousse to eat with a spoon which warns off other bugs, a touch of powdered spice to put on your tongue, and a shot of spiced juice (to do much the same, although the team explains it so much better and in act). Ours did arrive a little slow, but service picked up from this point.

Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration

It was pretty cool. The mousse/cream was delicious – light with just a touch of booziness. The juice shot tasted a little festive, with the spices shining through – a lot like a spiced apple juice. It was a fab way to start the drinks of the experience! So fun.

Following this everyone receives a Whitley Neill mosquito repellent. Basically a G&T in a huge balloon style glass. Certainly a refreshing intermediary between safety precautions and your big five cocktails.

Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration

We were already eyeing up which of the five to go for. They all sounded super quirky and creative, from the Elephant in the Room (Whitley Neill Blood Orange vodka, juniper berry & maize tincture and fresh lime juice) to the Hunter’s Peril (Whitley Neill Original Dry gin, Amarula liqueur, fresh lemon juice and cream).

The experience gets you two cocktails, but even so, picking is tough.

Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration

The Grabbed by the Horn was a fab choice. With Whitley Neil Blood Orange vodka and rooibos & cardamom-infused Lucano Anniversario amaro, topped up with Fentimans ginger ale, it had a slightly bitter taste. Yet it was juicy and very tasty. It arrived in a horn-shaped glass which we thought was amazing.

The Lion Sleep Tonight was a delicious more citrus number. It had Whitley Neill Quince gin, Rinomato Americano Bianco aperitif and gooseberry & lemon wine. It was one fab cocktail! Again, a great presentation too!

The cocktails themselves were a little on the small side, but with two each for the experience, and the rest of the drinks which are included too, it still makes it such a good price – £30.

We did order a couple of bar snacks on the side to keep us going. The Honey Mustard Bangers were small, juicy and sweet. Delicious. But not quite as much as the homemade sausage roll with homemade piccalilli and ketchup. We loved the sausage roll. It had a great slightly herby taste, the sausage was tender and the pastry just thick enough and perfectly flaky. A great option for sharing alongside the experience!

Mr Foggs Safari Experience, Society of Exploration


  • Price: £30 for the safari experience. Smaller bar snacks between £4 and £8.
  • Experience: So fun! We loved how creative it was from the menu itself to the safety precaution and the cocktails. Great experience!
  • Drinks: The cocktails were both delicious in their own way. A little on the smaller side. But for what you get for the price, it’s still really good!
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed, not busy. Secret members club feel.
  • Service: Pretty friendly, it wasn’t quite as efficient as we’ve had there before but still good.
  • Book?: Yes! Always book for Mr. Foggs. You can do so here.

Have you tried anything like this?


*I went along to the Safari experience as part of the ELG team. All views my own.