How had I not known about Muscial Bingo before? How had I never been? Last Thursday I tried it for the first time. I left croaky from singing my heart out, and had had so much fun.

Musical Bingo has actually been going for eleven years now. ELEVEN. They were celebrating their eleventh birthday last week when we visited which made for a fun round of party related tunes. I’ll come onto that.

Musical Bingo

I bet you could guess what Muscial Bingo entails without me even telling you.

Go on, take an educated guess.

Forget numbers, it’s all about naming the tunes the DJ plays. Each song is on from around 30seconds through to the whole song. Dependent on how much of a tune it is – you can’t cut off the hits right?! For each game, you get a grid of 9 songs to match. Prizes are given for first to 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines and a full house.

Musical Bingo

Introducing and presenting the game night are two hilarious guys. One disappearing behind the DJ decks to play the tunes, and check the sheets. Often popping out with the confetti canon. Which he used as an air guitar once or twice (or maybe a few more times). The other presenting, cracking jokes and dancing on stage. All the dancing. They were both great and totally made the night.

Musical Bingo

The prizes…

The prizes were mainly funny. Last week’s featured a flying disc, foam bat and ball, super soaker and BBQ. But there were two big prizes too – two pairs of tickets to Bestival!

Musical Bingo

Winning the prizes isn’t always as easy as being the first to cross off a line though. You have to remember that you’re in a crowd of about 200, and others will probably have similar cards. It’s a race to the DJ Deck for checking, and quite often a showdown on stage between two or three of you.

So be prepared for games of Chubby Bunnies (stuffing as many marshmallows into your mouth and saying chubby bunnies), dance offs and a race to move a chocolate from you forehead to your mouth using just facial expressions (it did NOT look easy). It causes many laughs, and everyone seems to put their all in.

Musical BingoCan you see me in the bottom right corner? 😛 

Onto the tunes. Oh the tunes. We had a birthday round feat so many hit party tunes from ‘I bet you look on the dancefloor’ to ‘Get the party started’ and ‘Shake your tailfeather’. Then followed two more rounds. Both with some of the best karaoke tunes. We danced (sat down and on our feet), swayed, and sang our hearts out. The presenter got the whole room singing to Whitney and Queen. It was epic.

Musical BingoWe’re over in the back…this is before we were up dancing and belting out the tunes

Musical Bingo

Hence why I left with a shaky voice and dry throat.

Yes there’s booze. Plenty of it if you want it, with each musical bingo taking place in a bar/club. But you can have fun either way. Last week’s took place in Concrete in Shoreditch, and they also hold them in Brixton, every month, as well as Swansea, Brighton and Liverpool!

Musical Bingo

I can’t say I won anything but I left having had a fab night with the work girls. And that’s what matters. Something I’m definitely doing again!! Is it too early to plan next year’s birthday? 😛


  • Fun?: – SO MUCH FUN! I loved it. I’d definitely do this for a birthday or girls night out again! I’m even tempted to book for date night as I think Alex would love it too!
  • Price: £10 for standing, £12 for seated – it’s really reasonable for a fun night out in London!
  • Drinks: Dependent on location. Drinks at the Shoreditch spot (Concrete) are pretty standard for the area.
  • Recommend?: YES! Do it. You’re bound to come away danced and sung out – it’s such a fun night for any occasion!

What have you been up to recently? Ever done an alternative bingo?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to try Musical Bingo. All views my own – I can’t wait to book another event!