Have you thought about it…how much patience do you think you have?

Being completely honest I know this depends massively on the situation for me. If someone is generally annoying, you know the type – you start off trying to ignore silly comments and body language and then everything starts piling up and your patience for anything to do with them is minimal – in this situation I struggle with patience…

It’s the same for bad customer service and when I’m tired I’m probably a little more tetchy, meaning it’s easier to lose patience. I can’t be the only one this happens to either…be truthful now…

I do remember a very funny time I lost patience on holiday playing mini golf – I’m telling you, that hole was a difficult one! I may or may not have lost my patience and had a tiny strop 😛 I do wish Alex had taken a photo!

But normally if the situation is calm and happy, or I’m receiving relatively good customer service, I would class myself as extremely patient! Even in a restaurant if food takes a little while to arrive and there’s a reason or they look super busy and the waiters/waitresses are not stood around chatting I don’t tend to mind too much.

I’m thinking about this as in the paper recently I spotted an article on patience and research carried out by interparcel.com on 2,000 people:

Apparently on average, we Britons lose patience after…

…5 minutes waiting at a bar to be served

…13 minutes waiting for a late train

…18 minutes for a friend to call back

…13 minutes sat in traffic

…under 10 seconds when a web page doesn’t load

…24 minutes waiting for food at a restaurant


Do you think that makes us patient as a country on average? It definitely shows the situational differences in patience and what tests us Britons but are we expecting things quicker than before?

Do you remember the days it took minutes to load web pages not seconds?

What about a meal you had which took longer than 24 minutes – did you get impatient? Surely you don’t want microwave food or something made earlier and re-heated.

We do expect things relatively quickly and all expect great service at all times. So what’s to come in the future…will we turn into a country of impatient individuals…this sure makes us sound a little spoilt. I know we all have busy lives so there will obviously be times we need things fast, but perhaps we need to exercise our patience a little more..I know I’m going to try to!

Chloe xx