As you will know if you have been reading recently I have been a bit of a fitness fanatic. I’m loving the adrenaline, energy and way it makes me feel.

However I know muscles need to repair too, and one key nutrient to help build muscle is protein – yes the old cartoon skinny guy did know a thing or two about muscles! – the amino acids in protein work as the building blocks to build muscle tissue and repair damaged tissues.

So I’ve been trying to make sure I eat protein after a good gym session, whether I’ve been doing endurance cardio or weight work – I found out you should eat carbs before the gym for energy and protein after (preferably within 30mins) for repair and build.

I thought I’d share my fave protein snacks/meals at present to give any other fitness-goers some inspiration:

Total 0% fat Greek yoghurt – sometimes I have it with a drop of honey, perhaps a banana sliced on top too, if it’s late when I get back I’ll just have it by itself.


Upbeat protein drink. It’s low fat too! Tastes delicious, a bit like a yoghurt, not too thick and comes in different flavours. I really enjoyed this after the gym, nice and refreshing too being chilled!


Spinach salad – lots of spinach with some exotic flavours on top. This one has peach, feta, green beans, cucumber and pepper. Yummy!


So there’s my three fave protein rich snacks/meals for after gym. I am looking into other wonderful nutrient rich products, off to try chia seed this week in my smoothies of which I’m sure to share which flavours I throw together! But I’m positiveΒ the top two will always stay in my list of favourites!

Chloe xx