Tonight I took my first step back into a gym since being in Worcester – no I’m not super lazy (well sometimes perhaps) but gyms are always so expensive and can get a little boring. I would rather spend my money on hip hop classes, Zumba and ballet. Or even go out for a run – it’s free (which is actually what I’ve been doing most).

But tonight, with no plans I decided to check out the PureGym. As you can buy a day pass I didn’t think I had anything to lose. And it’s only £5.99 – bargain, especially for London.


So off I went, water bottle, phone and headphones and card to hand, down to PureGym. I got there and used the machine in the entrance to pay for my day pass – if you know earlier in the day you’re going, I would recommend doing this if you have access to the internet, before you get there as it just saves a little time- you just do this through their website. They give you a pin which you can use for that day to access the gym, and enter through the electronic pods (pretty cool!).

The ground floor – free weights and cardio/fitness machines.
First floor – studio
Second Floor – More gym equipment and weight machines (the ones I use)
And that’s as far as my exploring went.

I did an hour of great cardio workout on the ground floor before going to explore. I then did some weights for legs and abs (I hope I ache tomorrow so I know I worked hard- nothing worse then thinking “ohh perhaps I could have worked harder then”).

There are PureGym personal trainers and instructors on hand if needed, there’s a little chill area, and when I went tonight it wasn’t too busy so I could go on what I wanted which is always a plus!

I forgot to look at the class timetable properly but I know they hold a number of fitness classes too which look fab!

I would definitely recommend PureGym if you have one near by. Very tempted to get monthly membership as even that is only £25.99 (there is a joining fee of £15), which seems to be so much cheaper than many options in London, and then I can enjoy the classes too.

You can find out more and even take a virtual 360 tour on their website (! So you can see what it’s like before you go – I love this!

After that workout I feel great! But maybe I’ll stick to using day passes for now – so many other fitness classes I want to try!