On Saturday this weekend, I had a lovely girls day with my housemate Jen. I may have been a little hungover but this didn’t affect or stop our little wander around angel or our gym sesh in the afternoon followed by a film night. Perfect girls day!

Whilst walking towards Angel from Highbury & Islington station we had our eyes out for a nice little coffee shop or cafe to start our day. Upper street has so many lovely little places for lunch, coffee or dinner that it’s always hard to pick. However when we spotted this little place there was no doubt this was it.

Romeo's Cafe/Bakery, Upper Street

Romeos is a gluten free cafe/bakery. With Jen being on a gluten and wheat free diet due to allergies this place was perfect!

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely young woman who showed us the selection of gluten free cakes, breads, etc and told us to sit wherever we fancied. We chose a little table towards the back and settled in. It had quite a cosy, family feeling to it, but still a little contemporary – perhaps from being gluten free, something which has become more widely available only more recently.

The young woman came over with a couple of menus and asked if we’d like tea or coffee. Both opting for tea, she went off and left us to look at the menu. There were quite a few options for breakfast or lunch, all sounding absolutely delicious! Jen and I sat chatting through the options before settling for scones – I don’t think my stomach could handle much more at the time, but we said we’d have to go back sometime for breakfast or lunch!

We were delivered our pot of tea for two, milk in a jug and a bottle of tap water with two glasses. Sugar cubes were already in a little pot on the table.

Tea - Romeo's Gluten Free Bakery



Not long after, the woman came back with our scones with butter and jam. Making sure we had everything we needed we were left to enjoy, and that we did.

We sliced our scones, spread the butter and masses of jam – they really do give you plenty! – and indulged. They tasted fantastic. We were a little shocked as gluten free doesn’t always taste as good as cakes made with gluten, but these scones were mouthwateringly delicious. Just thinking about them now is making my tummy rumble!

Gluten Free Scone

We sat eating, trying not to rush as to really enjoy! We drank our tea and sat catching up and talking about our Friday nights. Our plates were cleared and we asked for our bill.

The whole bill came to just over Β£12, which we thought was great!

On our way out we even got to taste a cheese and onion loaf they sell. I highly recommend any gluten free dieters to go there for bread if you don’t fancy a coffee or tea break whilst out, and are going home for lunch. It was so yummy, and you could really taste the flavours. It didn’t feel crumbly like other gluten free bread I’d had, it was actually really moist! I’m thinking of going back to get some for Jen and I to have one night with dippy Camembert!

If you’re looking for a gluten free option whilst out for the day in London, I would definitely recommend this beauty of a find and I’m sure Jen would too! Overall this was a lovely place to go, great friendly service and fab prices.

Enjoy! If you have any other gluten free recommendations I’d love to hear about them (then I can share them with Jen too πŸ™‚ )!

Chloe xx