If you were to ask people their favourite type of food, Β Italian would come out on top for the majority of reponses- it’s a favourite of many and I can understand why – creamy pastas, lasagne, calzone and pizzas, some of the best comfort foods you can have.

Rossopomodoro, being a restaurant I regularly passed when living in Wandsworth, it was about time I ventured inside to test it out and disappointed I was not.

Requesting a seat on the roof terrace -perhaps one to keep in mind for next summer too, I bet it’s gorgeous in the warmer weather! – my uncle and I got hungrier by the minute reading the menu.

Deciding on the Calzone and I the Bresaola e Melone salad along with a glass of wine, we were soon more than satisfied. Portions were pretty big, especially the Calzone – my uncle said it tasted delicious and I can admit a little food envy. My salad was incredible, I would have never have thought of serving a salad with salted beef and melon – the tastes and textures complimenting each other so well, and I did love the addition of cashews!

Rossopomodoro salad
Bresaola e Melone salad

Rossopomodoro GelatinoΒ GelatinoΒ 

Dessert was questioned (mainly rhetorically, they sounded too good not to), and Gelantino (two scoops of pistachio and one scoop of vanilla) was soon delivered for myself – super creamy, and the pistachio out of this world – whilst my uncle had the Delizia (lemon sponge cake with lemon cream) – very lemony, soft sponge which melted in your mouth, he made a great choice too.

Fully enjoyed by both – perhaps next time I’ll have the calzone (I just can’t stop thinking about it!)

Any fantastic Italian restaurants you’d recommend?

Chloe xx

P.s. If you’re aWandsworth PureGym member you can also get a discount dining here, even more of a reason to give it a go!