This year I have set myself a number of goals – my top priority to run a half marathon.

Many of you may already know this from previous posts or if you personally know me but but I am absolutely determined! I already have a charity in mind, and just need to book.

But today I found out that the London half marathon (Run to the beat), has now changed to a 10k – devastated!

I decided to sign up anyway for the experience, as it looks amazing! Running to music coming from stages and acts performing, and seeing the main actΒ at the finish line – I hope there’s some amazing tunes to motivate me (perhaps I will have a little dance round the course too). I’m sure the atmosphere will be FANTASTIC too! So as I’d already signed up to show interest, today I registered for the ballot. Fingers crossed I get a space.

I’m now also considering my options for a half and how long it would realistically take to train. Wondering also if June would be too hot – I don’t like running in the sun (Yes, I’m probs weird I know!). There’s a half marathon in Wimbledon in June, where you get to do a yoga session after to stretch out – I think this is fab! Just need to decide my training time frame….