Get off those smartphones and tablets and get out to spend time with friends – obviously unless you’re contacting friends who live far away!

Spending time with friends has so many benefits, including stress relief and living longer – yes you read that right.

But even if you partner is your best friend, did you know we’re apparently spending more time on smartphones than with them? CRAZY!

Last saturday evening, following a fab Pure Combat class at Pure Gym, I freshened up and had a girls night in with Ally. We cooked – well Ally cooked for me, yes I do let others cook for me (those of you who know me well know I’m a control freak in the kitchen :P). We had chilli con carne with sour cream and guacamole dips, with butternut squash rice (a Tilda special unfortunately not home made) and a few nachos, of which I tried not to feel guilty for having after our fitness class!

Chilli Con Carne

We sat chatting over dinner at her dining room table, and carried on nattering for quite a while.

We broke out the sparkling wine. A cheap one, but really nice, very sweet. Perhaps too good as was so easy to drink!

We even treated ourselves to a champagne truffle we had bought earlier in the day at Planet Organic.

Sparkling Wine & Chocolate Truffle

A dairy free, gluten free organic truffle. It was delicious – we had one each (we shared a box which came with two) – it was enough as they were quite rich but scrumptious!

Champagne Truffle

We moved to the sofa and put a horror film on from Netflix. I hadn’t watched a horror in a long time so was excited for the adrenaline rush. We watched Haunting in Connecticut 2 – It was pretty good.It made me jump a few times, and was really engaging. I was surprised as it’s hard to find a really good horror nowadays!

I went home after, and snuggled up into bed to rest after my long day!

It made me think. I really appreciate the fact that I have friends in London, ones I can spend the day/evening with and let all frustrations, stress and negative thoughts disappear. Friends are so important and I feel so lucky to have great friends like I do!