Yesterday was amazing.

Having organised the whole day during the week before ( quite stressful – I don’t normally leave things to the last minute) I was so excited for Saturday to arrive. Alex didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing which made it all the more exciting. I almost did spill the beans on Friday night though, I think I get more excited than him sometimes.

So for the first part of Saturday, in the afternoon (we both needed our lie in!) I had organised for us to go to the Lounge at Bayswater to see American Hustle.

We turned up at Bayswater underground station and found the shopping centre very easily. The lounge is on the top floor, and I still managed to keep Alex baffled even as we headed down to the Odeon – I told him we had to go back down the escalators…sneaky!

But we still headed to The Lounge desk at the front of Odeon.

He seemed pretty happy with the choice at this point, but he still didn’t know what to expect, I could tell. I think he may have thought “Chloe’s brought me to the cinema for our day out…hmpphh” haha.

The receptionist was very helpful and I picked my tickets up and then headed up the stairs which were sign posted to the lounge. I did not know what to expect either.

We were greeted by a smiley face who checked our ticket and told us we could wait in the bar – being super early is a habit of mine, but the lounge booking confirmation had advised us to turn up half hour before.

We sat at the bar and took a look at the menus. There were lots of choices, including some delicious looking cocktails. Starting on a rosé spritzer and Alex with his corona (everything is added to a bill on your seat number) we sat chatting and feeling very sophisticated.


We soon realised we hadn’t chosen the best spot…looking around there were some fantastic looking sofas around the edge, and we moved to be a bit more comfortable.


When it came to moving into our screen, we took all of our things with us and took our seats. I wished we had sat on the seats on the sides rather than the middle parts of the rows – they had sofas so could cuddle up which seems like an awesome idea for a cinema. But still our seats were amazing and I was lucky to get the seats…they were filling up quickly when I booked earlier in the week.

The seats were leather and they had controls to put the foot rest up, as well as a control to adjust the back of the seat. You had a table attached to one arm rest, which could be moved round to be over your lap if you wanted to order food. In the arms of the seats there were also buttons to call for service!

Finally comfortable and very much enjoying our surroundings, we called for service and ordered another drink for the film, Alex a fifty dollar shake (whiskey cocktail made with icecream) and I had another rosé, and Alex also ordered a bowl of popcorn – yes they don’t come in cardboard cartons in the lounge!

The film was pretty good. The experience definitely made it even better!

Towards the end of the film one of the waitresses brought us the bill and about 10mins later came back for payment. You don’t even have to queue to pay at the end!

Overall this is a fantastic experience. Yes it’s more expensive than a normal trip to the cinema. But it’s worth it for the experience. You should definitely experience this at least once. I already want to go back for my birthday, and want to order food next time as I was suffering from a lot of food envy during the film – the food looks amazing and can be served at the beginning or you can get them to bring out out halfway through the film which I think is fantastic!

Alex was also very impressed with my choice, and really enjoyed the afternoon – YES I DID WELL!