Saturday evening played the second part to our adventure day. I did a quick bit of research in the week to find out what was on at the weekend in London, and stumbled across the street feast. Excited by the idea of doing something completely different, I decided this would be a great new experience.

Street Feast is in Hawker House near Hoxton. We went to Bethnal Green station and walked from there. It only took about 10 minutes.

When we got to the street my iphone maps said the Street Feast was on, I didn’t think we were in the right place, but we saw the Hawker House sign on the side of the building and what looked like bouncers stood on the door (I felt a little more at ease seeing the bouncers! I know, silly paranoid female – I think I got it from my mum!).

We went inside, and didn’t have to pay to get in as we got there before 7pm – It’s £3 to get in after.

As you walk in, the atmosphere is great! Even at 6.30pm everyone is having a great time. It looks a bit like a warehouse, it’s just a big building with everything pretty much on one floor.

The first thing you see are the food stands down the right hand side – Burgers, Doughnuts, Indian, Greek and more. There are lots of long tables in the middle of the building where groups of people were sat. There are also tables around the edge for perching against, just so you can pop your drink or nibbles down. There were 4 bars altogether, and we headed to a bar down the far end.


They had a number of cocktails on the menu, beer, ale and wine. As we were celebrating we obviously went for a cocktail.

The Hurricane – Aged Rum (Apparently 57%), Pineapple Juice and Blood Orange Juice. 

We had a wander, and found another little room with a taco stall – Breddos Tacos, and another couple food stands doing steamed buns and rolls, plus the other two bars (they had balconies where people could sit on the sofas and chill out).


The first food we tried was a crunchy nut fried chicken taco (Wow that’s a mouthful when saying out loud) from Breddo’s Tacos. They put salsa and sourcream on each taco and let you put your own chillies on from the jar on the bar where you ordered. They did warn me about putting too many chillies on top, but they didnt’t know I can handle the heat. The Tacos were delicious (and no, not too hot!). I really am hoping they make a permanent take-away place in London!


We then went to find a seat. Luckily we managed to find a couple free seats on the end of a long table and sat chatting and having a laugh.

Alex even said it was great to do something different! Again I must have done well.

Once we finished our cocktails, Alex went off to get us another drink and came back with a glass of rose for me and a pint for himself. We then took it in turns to go and pick a dish from a different food stand – all dishes were reasonably small so you could manage to try food from everywhere – my favourite kind of eating.

We shared some noodles with spicy pulled pork, had an indian bread with some sort of curry on top and scorpion chilli powder (Apparently the hottest chilli you can get in the UK – Still wasn’t to hot!), and another taco from Breddo’s Tacos, this time with slow cooked beef rib – I think this place was our favourite, but all the food was delicious!

After exploring and indulging on our little dishes, we finished our drinks and decided we would head back so we had some time to relax at mine.

It was easy to find the station again, and I still didn’t feel uneasy in the area!

This was such a great experience. I am very pleased with myself, if I do say so myself, for thinking of something different and exciting for us to do. I would recommend going along if you’re in London – it is open every weekend until March 22nd.

I will definitely be going to another food festival after this experience. Any recommendations would be very welcome!