This weekend I’ve spent a lot of the weekend relaxing, chilling with friends and my boyfriend, reading and more chilling.

It may have been a bank holiday weekend but after such a busy, hectic, filled to the brim week of work, fitness and catching up with the girls, I needed a relaxing weekend.

Plus with my half marathon coming up, I’m trying to keep healthy – eating, exercise, no alcohol, and trying to get enough sleep.

Here’s my weekend round-up:
Friday after work I went and met the girls at TGI Fridays for dinner and a catch up. Not drinking alcohol I had a bottomless diet coke (always a good option for me! Love a refillable drink as always tend to need more than one). For my meal I had the Jack Daniels Salmon with seasonal veg and sweet potato fries – my mouth waters just thinking about it. The fish was crispy on top, and soft in the middle, the layers fell apart and the sweet potato fries were crispy, but not too well done. It was delicious! Lovely evening and got back to start my weekend with a lovely long nights sleep…

Saturday I woke up early – silly body clock! Long nights sleep didn’t happen – but this meant I could read. I got ‘Gone Girl’ out and read until lunchtime when I got up and pottered about doing a few bits. Me and one of my housemates popped out to grab a few things and I came back and I finally put my photo frames and butterflies up in my room – love it now, my own little haven! I finished ‘Gone Girl’ and in the evening Alex came over and we all watched the Champions League Final – Amazing game, you could feel the tension in the stadium after the 93rd minute!

Sunday I had an amazing day with Alex. We went for a stroll along the river in the afternoon with Starbucks Frappucinos – it was the last day of Happy Hour, half price frappes so we had to fit this in to our day. The mocha coconut is delicious! You must try it! We then went to see the new Xmen film in the cinema – Awesome film, and finished the night at mine with meatballs for dinner and watching the end of the prisoners (the one with Hugh Jackman) – another awesome film!

Monday I actually managed to get out for a long run, even though it was raining – pure determination! I then did some other fitness stuff at home before relaxing with my housemates.

It’s been a fab weekend! Nice and relaxing but really great. I really needed the time to recuperate.

Just remember, as much as you want to make the most of life and get out there doing things and exploring all the time, you need time to relax. You don’t want to wear yourself out and become rundown. A relaxing weekend doesn’t have to be boring, look at the one I’ve just had.