You should all know I hate a spoiler.. It’s the worst thing when someone’s talking about films or tv shows of the moment, or even ones you’ve just got round to watching.

Like hang on, I actually want to see it myself.

Ok so judgement is ok – a simple “yeah it was really good”, “amazing”, “not up to expectation” or “great feel good film” will do.

But why do people feel the need to drop in slyly what happens to Becca, Bob or Ted? What do they get from it?

I got thinking…

I know people like to be in the know, some even like to show off about knowledge. Perhaps this runs into films too, do people feel proud they know more? Maybe they get a little overexcited about this extra knowledge.

Hmmm excitement … There’s a thought. I think people are definitely more likely to drop the plot in conversation if they liked the film/show, if they thought it was rubbish it usually ends with a very brief description of why – poor acting, bad interpretation of book, terrible remake. So perhaps excitement about what they’ve just seen sends them into some sort of word vomit they can’t control. Some overflow of what they loved about it, the best bits and how they loved the ending – all the bits you don’t want to hear about!

Are people really this Uncensored though? Can they really not control excitement? Or maybe there’s some satisfaction out of spoiling a film/show for someone. It sounds silly, but people get satisfaction out of the silliest of things, and as we all know some people do like to make others feel deflated, irritated and annoyed. It may seem strange to some of us but I can see this happening and I’m sure it’s happened to me before – I still haven’t watched Gravity because of it, might be silly but I don’t see the point when it’s been spoilt.

What do you think makes people turn into a spoiler?

Chloe xx