Sweets. The sugary sour ones, the frothy pink and blue ones, the soft coconut ones, the chewy fruity gums and chews, the squidgy jelly ones, the liquorice sorts, the melt in your mouth foam bananas and shrimp, the sherbet filled ones, those of the lollipop type, the ones made for sucking, the foamy egg and heart ones, and the squishy, fluffy marshmallows. I’m not sure I can pick a favourite, they’re all super tasty, and a sure way to my heart!

So when I got invited along to the launch event of SugarSin, a grown up sweet shop of sorts, located close to Covent Garden, I was obviously super duper excited.
I took Alex with me, and we arrived as some of the first people there. First impressions – I was in heaven.
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden SugarSin sweet shop Covent GardenSugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
The walls were all covered in sweets, with the far wall being an entire pic’n’mix wall! This brought back childhood memories of Woolworths, and getting our pic’n’mix before films or as a treat. I felt just as I’d felt back then, completely overwhelmed by the selection and I just wanted it all! The middle of the room played host to even more sweets and gift boxes, chocolate almonds, giant lollipops, nut brittle and more.
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden SugarSin sweet shop Covent GardenSugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
The founders and sisters, Anna and Josefin, were both there and we got to have a lovely chat with them about sweets. We found out that they had travelled the globe tasting countless varieties of sweets in a mission to create the most distinctive and delicious grown up gourmet confectionery that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is to taste! What a job – I’d love to travel the world in search of the best sweets! Their new shop, SugarSin, was born from a lifelong passion for all things sweet, with a dream to create a modern Willy Wonka Factory filled with the world’s most fabulous sweets.
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
As we were talking to Anna, she kept stopping to say “you’ve got to try one of these!” – so we tried the salted dark chocolate almond (really yummy, even Alex liked it and he’s not a dark chocolate fan), a white chocolate raspberry covered liquorice (so creamy with the liquorice taste only coming through slightly after), a vegan peach sour jelly (incredible, Alex was hooked and I couldn’t tell that it was vegan, it’s just a bit chewier) and prosecco gummies (a slight prosecco taste, the sour ones were my favourite). The passion shone through in everything Anna and Josefin had to say, which was inspiring to see. After asking lots of questions, we had a wander round the store checking out all the pic’n’mix options.
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
The pic’n’mix I think had to be my favourite part. They had everything I could think of, and so much more. Each sweet also has a label on it telling you which is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free diets and diary free diets, which I thought was awesome – especially with how many people are living by these diets now!
Now who remembers supermarket sweep? I used to dream about being able to do that as a child. Well, at the event, we got to do our own Pic’n’mix sweep!
So we got 15 seconds with a bag and a scoop to try and get as many sweets as we could – can you imagine my reaction when we were told we could do that?
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
Alex and I discussed tactics, to make sure we got all the sweets we wanted – me heading for the marshmallows and coconut mushrooms and Alex the cherry and strawberry sweets – and were soon poised and ready for action.
15 seconds is actually longer than I thought, and I managed to get quite a few sweets in my bag – very satisfied, although I panicked when I heard I had a few seconds left and reached for the nearest thing, getting lemon bonbons. Not my finest decision under pressure. Alex didn’t do as well, going for the sweets which notoriously stick together, so he had a hard job getting the scoop of gummy cherries, bless him, but still came away with a few different ones! It was SO much fun though!
SugarSin sweet shop Covent Garden
After saying goodbye to the founders, we headed off, pic’n’mix and some other goodies in hand, having had one awesome evening.
I’ll most definitely be heading back! It’s in such a great location, being close to so many theatres and they do some beautiful gift wrapped boxes for Christmas too – it’d make the perfect present for anyone with a sweet tooth. Even though it’s so close to Covent Garden, it’s actually all really reasonably priced too – when I was there they even had a few offers on! I definitely recommend you pop in!
What’s your favourite sweet? Can you just pick one?
Chloe xx
*I was invited to the SugarSin blogger evening. All views my own.