Here comes a confession – I think I’m a bit of a sweet-a-holic!

I gave them up for lent but they’re definitely my fave treat, way better than chocolate – they come in so many more different varieties! Chewy, hard-boiled, sour, fizzy, sponges, juice-filled…and so much more satisfying!

So I thought I’d start sharing my new sweet-treat discoveries. They may not be necessarily new to the sweet world, but they’re new to my taste buds, and I’ll only be telling you about the ones worth raving about.

So here’s my newest sugary, juicy finding…

Mike and Ikes.



I bought mine from cyber candy in Angel, but you can get them from the super market too! Mine were £1.55.

They’re not as cheap as one of my normal selections, Rowntrees Randoms yummmmm, but they were taste-bud tingling, chewy and very juicy – I loved the different flavours.

Will be sure to share more finds of the candy variety in future posts.