I hardly ever go for a cake when out for coffee. I almost always exercise my will power (which is apparently very strong according to my mum) to resist the temptations. No cake, no extra gym time needed is what I tell myself…silly I know.

But when I was off recently for a long weekend, I had cake with a coffee not once but twice! The second time was so good I had to tell you about the cute spot I discovered.

I say discovered, I mean shown. Out for a catch-up with Lorna, one of the girls, she took me to one of the sweetest places.

Tea/Coffee and Cake, Yumchaa tea, Camden Parkway

Stepping inside the old Palmers pet shop where Yumchaa teas is located, the interior had such a country rustic feel. Stripped woods, chalkboards, long sharing benches, and to one side big comfy armchairs and a sofa in autumnal colours, it felt like I’d stepped inside a countryside tea shop. I’d been transported to somewhere back home.

A true tea shop. Along the front, the teas were all explained, with a tiny little jar per tea showcasing what was in each, all in front of the list of those on offer, ingredients and caffeine level.

Tea/Coffee and Cake, Yumchaa tea, Camden Parkway

Further along the cakes were too tempting. With slices of iced cake from matcha to red velvet, fruity scones (with cream and jam of course), and loaves with interesting and delicious sounding flavour combos, it’s not a surprise I caved. Sometimes you have to let your will power give in.

Service was pretty standard. No friendly chat like you get in some boutique places, but they were pretty efficient.

Tea/Coffee and Cake, Yumchaa tea, Camden Parkway

Sat at a cute little table for two with mismatch chairs, I was enjoying the rustic charm and laid back feel. Just what I needed for my afternoon off – some time to switch off.

Tea/Coffee and Cake, Yumchaa tea, Camden Parkway

My flat white was pretty good, especially as we were in a tea shop and not somewhere that specialises in coffee. It didn’t look the prettiest, but it was creamy enough yet still had a strong taste that wasn’t overly bitter.

Tea/Coffee and Cake, Yumchaa tea, Camden Parkway

I was however a little jealous of Lorna’s Iced Tea. The Walk in the Woods, a mix of elderberries, blackberries, raspberries, raspberry leaves and Keemun black tea was infused and brewed to order. Watching the process was pretty engaging. Refreshing, with subtle undertones of berry, it’s most definitely one I’d pick next time.

The cakes were both soft, sweet and moist. The red velvet, a beautiful bright colour with fantastic flavour. The carrot, a personal favourite, packed with sweet aromas, with a cream icing to compliment the bake. Great choices to say the least.

Tea/Coffee and Cake, Yumchaa tea, Camden Parkway

Helping ourselves to the free water to quench our remaining thirst after finishing up or little afternoon treat, we sat for little while before finishing up and heading off to Regents Park for a stroll in the great outdoors.


Overall a fab afternoon and a well chosen spot for a drink, cake and catchup! I haven’t seen too many boutique/independent coffee shops in Camden, so in sure I’ll be heading back – I need to have one of those iced teas!

What cake or bake do you usually go for when out for coffee?

Chloe xx