Almost 49 million people have watched the following video on Youtube, but still we’re being taken over by the age of the smart phone!

Over Christmas I showed this video to my mum and dad – my dad is/was constantly on his ipad every evening which is how this topic arose – and they both thought it was really moving and hard hitting.

But even if all the people who had seen this thought the same, it still hasn’t seemed to change society. Whether I’m travelling to work, popping out for a lunch break, wandering to the supermarket or out for the day with friends it’s really hit me how many people have their phones glued to the hands. Even couples out at restaurants for dinner – I mean, seriously. Surely you should have something to talk about if you’re with your boyfriend! 

Alex and I when together try to avoid phones unless absolutely necessary, it’s just rude and distracts you from the time you are spending together. It might sound silly but it really does have a good effect! What’s the point in wasting the time you have together by being on your phone, checking your twitter or that whatsappp group message?

Smart phones have turned us into an age who never switch off, constantly checking e-mails, social media pages, notifications. This can lead to stress as you’re never able to relax and re-charge!

Be honest, who checks their phone as the first thing they do when they wake up? Did you know this is one of the worst ways to wake yourself up, starting the day with already being connected – try stretching, or some exercise, before showering and check your phone after. This helps to wake your body up slowly and more healthily, getting oxygen flowing before hitting your brain with the e-mails and to-do lists. I now follow this rule entirely and do feel a difference!

But it’s not just about the stress, what are we missing being continually submerged in the online world? Do we interact enough? I mean, look at the tubes during commutes, train stations and people waiting before fitness classes – these would all have once upon a time been places where people nattered, meeting new faces and taking part in social environments. Nowadays it’s a place of silence, bleeping and clicking from keypads (that really annoying sound people set up for their phones to make at every touch :P).

Think about your life…look around you? How many of us are missing out? Who are we not meeting? Life is living yourself, not through a virtual you on the World Wide Web.

Chloe xx

P.s this is where I owe an apology to my sister as she says she brought the video up with my mum and dad – we’re obviously too much on the same wave length, thinking the same things 😛