I’ve finally got round to writing this post, super busy, and so many other topics I want to write about. But this is all about my friday birthday celebrations at TGI Fridays in Covent Garden.

Overall: FAB NIGHT!

SO me and my two housemates got to TGI at 7.40pm on Friday night, and tried to get our table booked for 6 (You can’t book before the night on a friday or saturday, you have to wait for your table). Unfortunately you also have to wait for everyone to turn up too before being put on the waiting list, so we waited in the entrance for Alex, his best friend and GF. Luckily they weren’t too far behind and so we got us put on the list for our table once all together.

We headed to the bar to wait for our table, opening the cocktail menu to decide on drinks – they have some amazing cocktails, there’s so many making it very difficult to decide. Going for a paradise punch to start, Alex ordered me a large (Mahoosive cocktails…they come out in large bowl sized glasses – AMAZING!). Alex’s best friend and his GF also bought me a bottle of sparkling for my birthday present so we all had a glass and toasted my birthday.


The sparkling didn’t last long that’s for sure


Me and the girls at the bar

The table was an hour and 20mins wait – which for 6, at peak time on a Friday evening in London I guess isn’t too bad. And it did go pretty quick with us all drinking and chatting. We managed to fit in a couple drinks before being called by our bleepy flashy thing you get given at the beginning.

We were sat down at our table and given a few minutes to decide before ordering. Absolutely ravenous, especially after drinking and not eating since lunch, we skipped starters and went straight to mains. Half of us ordering burgers, Alex ordering steak with ribs and Shrimp, and I ordered chicken and shrimp with sweet potato fries. We ordered more drinks, me having another cocktail (again, very difficult to choose, Alex’s was awesome – it had a black vodka shot on the top, tasted so nice!)



Alex’s friend had a delicious looking cocktail with lots of fruit in it – I will admit I did have a little drink envy!

Food didn’t take long after ordering – or perhaps it was the fact we were enjoying ourselves so much.


Alex’s Food – Yummmm!


I caught Alex’s best friend eye-ing up Alex’s chips – Alex doesn’t like veggies or onion rings so ordered extra chips, Look at the mountain of them!


My Food

It was delicious! The sauce was Jack Daniels sauce, which is sooo good. And the sweet potato fries were definitely a better choice than cheesy mash, and I don’t really like normal chips, so i love it when this scrumptious side order is on the menu.

Plates emptied rather quickly. Everyone seemed very happy with their choices – not much food envy that evening!

Our table was cleared and we were all sat just chatting again, when our waitress brought out a piece of chocolate cake with a  candle in it. Everyone sang happy birthday to me – I was so happy I didn’t have to wear a birthday balloon hat! (Some TGI’s I remembered doing this for people’s birthdays – OH the humiliation!)

We shared the cake for dessert – still super full from our mains, each having a little bit.

We finished up, and paid the bill – wasn’t too bad a price either!

I loved my Fridays celebrations with friends! There’s a reason this is my fave restaurant and I keep returning – FAB cocktails and AMAZING food! If you haven’t been, you MUST go experience a TGI fridays outing.