I realised recently, just how important it is to start your day right.

I don’t just mean breakfast (which I learnt a while ago is super important) but also the things you do from when you wake up to when you get to work.

I’ve just got back from holiday (I promise I’ll tell you all about it soon!) and I’m obviously thinking about getting back into my morning routine next week. So it was perfect timing when Rachel’s, the producers of organic yoghurts, challenged me to tell you all my tips for the best way to start my day.

For me, the most important thing is not to get stressed the moment I wake up, but there are a number of things which make a fab start to the day for me:

Exercise – Ok, I promise this post isn’t all about getting up and getting sweaty before sitting in the office all day. But I do love a run or weight session in the morning. I recently got into doing a couple morning workouts a week, and going at lunchtime on a couple of days too, meaning then I didn’t have to use my evenings for exercise  – obviously a win, win (fab morning, free evening!).

The release of endorphins before I start my day at work helps set me up in a positive state of mind, as well as making me feel motivated and so proud for already having done a workout.

I’ve been trying to improve my swimming too, and although I haven’t had chance to get into the habit of morning swim sessions yet, due to being ill and then on holiday, this will soon become the norm too.

Breakfast – Not just having breakfast, but I think that the actual breakfast is really important. I think that shaking breakfast up stops it from becoming boring so you can enjoy it day in, day out.

I always look forward to breakfast – it might actually be my favourite meal of the day (well, maybe not always).

I love to change things up with my breakfast, so that I have something different every couple of days, but it normally comes down to a few core ingredients – yoghurt, fruit, seeds, nuts and oats.

It sounds simple, but take a look at this…

How yummy does that look? This was a breakfast sundae made with Rachel’s Rhubarb Yoghurt, fresh strawberries, oats, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and some chopped almonds. All layered into a glass to make it look appetizing too (I serve it like this when I’m not taking pictures too, I promise!).

I’ve fallen in love with Rachel’s yoghurt. It’s creamy, just the right consistency, has some bits in the fruity ones and is so flavoursome. There are also lots of different flavours, so you can pick a different one depending on what you fancy, and it can really change the breakfast.

My favourite changes every week – I love the vanilla and rhubarb (both low in fat), and the new low fat Limited Edition Caramel Latte yogurt (which is to die for! I even had it for dessert one evening too – I’m hoping it gets made permanent!), but I’ve currently got the Peach and Passionfruit Greek Style Rachel’s Yoghurt in the fridge, and I must say, it’s going down extremely well!

Yoghurt and fruit is also super easy to take to work and prepare in the office kitchen – Simple yet satisfyingly delicious. Rachel’s also has some brand new Greek Style Breakfast Pots – greek style yoghurt (natural or with honey) with crunchy granola – which are perfect for work, I think all you need is a spoon and some fruit then it’s the perfect desk brekkie.

They’re also great in smoothies! I made a berry smoothie, with banana and rhubarb yoghurt in my boyfriend’s Nutribullet one morning…

I popped in some seeds and plain nuts too for some added protein, and it was super creamy and thick, tasting indulgent yet really healthy. I do love a nutribullet smoothie!

I normally like to add in a handful of green veg too (like spinach or kale) but didn’t have any in the fridge before holiday. I’m sure it’ll be just as good with a bit of green in there too!

Time to prepare and chill – I only realised recently how impactful this can be. On days where I’m not up early exercising, I like to be ready roughly 20 minutes before I have to leave so that I can just sit down with my breakfast, watching breakfast tv or checking on my blog, and making sure I’m relaxed before the day ahead.

As I’m not whizzing out the door straight after rushing around getting ready, I seem to be able to ensure I don’t leave the house all stressed, which really helps with the start of my day.

Do not snooze – I hardly ever snooze. I always set two alarms without fail, one five minutes after the first just in case (I think this is the natural worrier in me thinking I won’t wake up), but try not to use it. If you snooze, you don’t fall back to sleep properly, and if you do only just fall asleep you’ve started a new sleep cycle and so you’ll just feel even more groggy – not good when you’re starting a day! So I always aim to get up at my first alarm.

Choose an outfit the night before, or even in the shower – I like to have an idea in my mind of what I’m going to wear that day. This part of getting ready takes the longest by far if I haven’t already decided, and it definitely adds unnecessary stress when I can’t decide what to wear.

So there you have it. It really depends on the morning, whether I’m up exercising or not, but trying to keep stress at bay and having a good brekkie come top no matter how I’m starting my day.

What are your top tips for the perfect morning?

Chloe xx

*Rachel’s Yoghurt challenged me to tell you all about my top tips for the perfect start to the day, providing me with product. All views my own – I have since bought my own Rachael’s Yoghurt so that I could keep having it for brekkie – it’s just so tasty!