When I went home for my birthday I tried my mums new toothpaste – Blanx. She had the intense stain removal version, and after cleaning my teeth my mouth felt amazingly clean. Have you ever tried Listerine? Remember the advert with the explosion in the woman’s mouth, well this stuff was better!

Thinking to myself that my teeth weren’t really stained anyway (I think it’s a personal obsession – I used to have braces so teeth are a key body part or thing I think about) I thought I’d try the Blanx classic advanced whitening toothpaste which is non-abrasive for daily use. It’s normally pretty expensive but as it was on offer in boots I decided to give it a go – treat myself, we all need a good beauty buy to help us feel good!

So after just over two weeks of using it, here’s my review…



Wow I’m glad I brush my teeth by myself! No sharing the bathroom with that tooth cleaning face! Probably doesn’t help it’s my night-time no make-up face. Anyone need help scaring off unwanted bathroom sharers?

The box Blanx comes in has an indicator so you can check how many shades whiter your teeth go. You can tear this off the box to keep and keep track of your tooth whitening progress – great little addition.

I have been using this twice a day, everyday for just over two weeks, and although I didn’t personally use the little whiteness indicator they provide with the packaging I definitely feel a difference in the shade of my teeth.

I did mention before that my teeth were never terribly not white, but now my teeth feel like they look whiter and my mouth feels cleaner. I do quite like my smile with teeth showing, or shall we say gleaming πŸ˜‰

Of course as I didn’t use the indicator it could be psychological right? Hmmmm….I do doubt it! But even if it is, feeling good about yourself is definitely worth this price! If this helps build confidence and self-love then it’s obviously a must-have!

I will definitely be sticking with this, even when the offer is no longer on. Β£7.85 will be well spent.

Why not try it out too whilst still on offer at boots? This product gets a definite thumbs up from me!