The boat race … IS a big deal so I found out this weekend.

On Sunday it was the big Oxford vs Cambridge boat race on the Thames. Going from Putney Bridge, just over 4 miles away from city centre, the rowers pull their oars at such speed to win. They must have so much stamina!

Having not long come back from my run – training for the half marathon, and with it spitting with rain, I can say I wasn’t too keen on heading back out. But when my housemate, Meg, invited me to go down to the boat race to see what all the fuss was with her and her boyfriend and a group of friends I couldn’t say no – need to try these things out! And we’re also not too far from Putney Bridge so I had nothing to lose.

We headed down and had a drink (Coke from the pub – SO Rock and Roll! Ha on a little detox), and stood  listening to the brass band – they were playing on stilts! Balancing and playing a trombone, now that’s skills.

With 40 minutes until the race we started to head down the other side of the bridge to try and get a good spot. It was so busy, many people using the excuse to spend the afternoon drinking, some random guys in some funky suits (a saw one in a full jammie dodger print suit!), and others climbing trees to get a good view. The people with the houses close to the Thames were very lucky, some seemed to be having little boat race parties – any old excuse, eh?

From our spot this is how far we were from the start:


Everyone was chatting and people seemed so hyped for the race.

The race started, everyone cheering, waving flags, smacking their bam-bams together….

20seconds later, we could no longer see. It goes so quick! Not wanting to go to the pub, me and meg headed back.

I found out when we got home that Oxford Won!

Perhaps if you want to see the whole race it would be best to watch it on TV. But to see just once what it’s like, it was definitely worth the little walk down the river!