Wednesday night, well actually technically Thursday morning – it was ten past twelve(midnight) – I went to the first screening of Hunger Games: MockingjayĀ Part 1.

The Hunger Games books were amazing and turned me into a huge fan. Every time the next film comes out it’s always a must see but this is the first time I’ve ever been to the midnight screening. It was all pretty exciting!

A little dubious about the last book being split into two parts, I met my friend Ally at Cineworld and braced myself for the unknown. I was wrapped in layers so as to be nice and cosy and I felt like I was attending a huge slumber party! Although slightly tempted we didn’t get any midnight treats for snacking – how good are we? šŸ˜›

What I didn’t realised is for the midnight screenings at Cineworld there are no trailers, so the film length is pretty much the amount of time you will be sat in the screen. Although I love trailers – always like seeing what’s coming out soon! – this does actually work well, especially if you have to be at work the next morning, like Ally, so you can get home and to bed. We all need our beauty sleep too!

So on to film. For any of you wanting to watch the trailer I thought I’d make it nice and easy for you,Ā here it is:

*No spoilers – Don’t worry I don’t want to ruin your experience*

This film is definitely a must-watch. If you have a free evening, go!

Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as Katniss Everdeen was outstanding! The emotion, her whole demeanor, Jennifer truly makes you feel what she feels. The character is played so well, without such an amazing actress for the main character the film definitely wouldn’t be the same.

Being in two parts, I did mention I was a little dubious about whether it would work. However at the end of the first part I couldn’t believe two hours had passed, the time had flown and I didn’t feel the film had prolonged any part of the story. The timing was done very well and I now think taking the book into parts is the best thing they could have done, in order not to rush through. After reading the book, I think it’s important the films build up and don’t rush certain things, so the audience can really see and understand feelings, what’s happening, etc.

The sets for the different parts of the film were also fantastic. There were some scenes during the movie which, obviously linking to the book, I couldn’t believe looked the way they did in the film, they were just done SO well! The detail that was gone to, they way they were designed, layout – the whole lot was phenomenal.

Overall the whole performance was amazing! If you need to catch up on the first and second, do it quick and get to the cinema for MockinjayĀ Part 1. You won’t be disappointed!

Make sure you let me know what you think too!

Chloe xx