“Happiness depends upon ourselves” – Aristotle

Happiness plays such an important part in everyones life. It interacts with so many other things in an individual – a positive/negative outlook, self-confidence and self-esteem, your ideal, achievement… and sometimes it can be really hard to keep happy!

BUT, everyone is in charge of their own happiness! Only you can turn things around, get that positive outlook on life and manage to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Sometimes you have to concentrate on those little things in life, you know the small moments of a day which really make you smile. Some days these may be more difficult to spot, but there must be some there. Even when work is hard, you’re shattered and may just want to be by yourself, there has to be at least one moment that day which made you the tiniest bit happy…and when you start to think about it, these moments will get easier to uncover and more regular.

Concentrating on these happy thoughts (the little things in life) will bring a more positive feeling overall, and will help you to look at the other little things which have been great in that day too.

Here’s my ‘Little Things in Life’ for the beginning of this week:

  • Having a very productive first couple hours to the day
  • I treated myself to a lunch from Purely Fresh on monday – a jacket potato with tuna, just what I fancied.
  • Alex saying he was”SO happy I went to watch him play football” – it was his last match of the season and I’d been promising all summer
  • A nice walk after the football match
  • A quick call with Dad, followed by a text from Mum – pretend jealousy! 😛 Makes me chuckle!
  • Actually managing to get up and not die (ok, a little bit of an overstatement!) at Tabata at 6.15am this morning.
  • A client of ours I don’t normally work with, being SUPER nice to me in a meeting this morning

I probably could squeeze another from today so far, but thinking at this time when my head is so much still in work is hard 😛

But I will leave you with another quote I love, which just shows how you shouldn’t take what you have for granted, and to hopefully motivate you to think of your “little things in life” too…

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness” – William E. Gladstone


Happy thinking…

Chloe xx