Pop Up Screens are AWESOME!

Saturday night I crossed another item off my summer to-do list – going to an outdoor cinema screening. I had chosen the Notebook because let’s face it that’s an all-time classic. Easily the BEST chick flick of all time… and that’s coming from me who outright prefers action and thriller to a soppy romance where you can predict the ending!

I met Ally beforehand and we headed to Bishops Park – the Pop Up Screen location for this weekend. The gates opened at 7pm but we got there a little later after finding the correct spot in the park, and my earlier outfit issues (I can never decide what to wear!). But it wasn’t too difficult with all the signs.

They were positioned in a little opening and when we arrived there were already people blanketed up, kicking back and getting ready.


We headed in after showing our printed ticket and made a beeline for the bar. They had a few options for drinks and they were very reasonably priced with £4 a pint (Magners being one, bit of a cider fan me!) or a glass of wine (Red/White/Rosé). They also did soft drinks and hot drinks too which seemed pretty popular! The food looked really tasty and many of the people in the queue before us were waiting for burgers fresh off the grill – the smell was so tempting!


Now you can’t have a cinema trip without popcorn but they even catered for this. HUGE arm length bags of Drum and Kernel popcorn for £4! The bag is massive so great for sharing and they taste so good – the sweet and salted flavouring running throughout and not too little either. Unfortunately we got this a little of the way into the film and it was too dark to snap a quick pic so you’ll have to take my word for the enormous size of the bag!

After grabbing a drink we found a spot to perch. You were told to bring something to sit on and obviously wrap up warm. We didn’t bring a blanket – silly me – but we luckily had Ally’s gillet to sit on and we were both wearing warm clothes (After my numerous outfit changes that afternoon!). Others were on picnic blankets, sat in picnic chairs, or my favourite of the night one of the couples at the back was on an air bed! Now that’s a fab idea, why didn’t we think of this?


There were quite a few couples and I did think it would make a perfect date night, but just as many pairs/groups of friends gathering for an evening out in the wilderness.

Ally and I sat chatting until the film started. One of the Pop Up Screen reps welcomed us and started the film. The sound was really good for outside, and although we were over half way back in the crowd we could hear really well. It had gotten dark outside too adding to the cinema effect, but I’m sure it would have been fab in the long summer evenings too.


Getting a drink halfway through was easy, and the bar staff were friendly and quick to serve. This is when we got a popcorn to nibble on too – yummy.

Ally went to the toilets in the middle of the film too and said they were easy to find with Pop Up Screen reps directing you on your way and way back. I think that’s well organised!

The whole experience was great. Ally and I had a fantastic evening – and we even managed to not cry! The Pop Up Screen company are so well organised, did a fab job and are so friendly. I would deifnitely recommend this before the summer ends! We’re already looking at the other listings to see which one(s) we would like to go to 😛 Perhaps Devil Wears Prada will be next (one of Ally’s faces!) or The Goonies (One of my childhood classics!)… we shall see!


Love From Chloe xx