Monday evening I sat with the lights off and a single candle – Yes I did do it! Thinking about the times of war. But really it is hard to think about how our ancestors lived, worked and generally survived during these times. We can read books and gain knowledge but it’s not the same and I’m very happy we don’t have to go through that ourselves. They had hard lives and fought for us, for which I am truly grateful! My great-great grandfather was one of these who fought as I am sure many of you will have relatives from back then who joined the cause.

This week on a lunch break I went to see the poppies at the Tower of London which are to commemorate WW1.


20140808-091405-33245804.jpgThe Perimeter of the Tower of London, and empty space which will be filled.20140808-091407-33247336.jpg

20140808-091409-33249011.jpgYou can see the volunteers working on planting the poppies20140808-091715-33435135.jpg



The exhibition is titled “The Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red” and is by artist Paul Cummins. It involves 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the dry moat at the Tower – One poppy made for each British and Colonial death during the conflict.

They are continuing to plant the poppies until November when the installation will be complete. All the poppies are on sale and more than 100,000 people have already purchased one – amazing!

It was truly outstanding. Beautiful. There are not enough words to describe the views, you have to go. I feel very lucky to live in london and work so close to such an incredible piece of art and commemoration to all of those who died fighting for us. I will definitely be returning later on to see the completed art work!