This year I had a fab birthday. First one in London. Was definitely spoilt.

I actually celebrated for 4 days – I know, talk about milking it. Well let’s call it making the most of it.

I would much rather have some fantastic nights with friends, family and my boyfriend and gain lots of experiences than get lots of presents. Experiences do make memories after all.

So here’s a quick look back over last week:

Wednesday (my actual birthday):

I woke up to my housemate singing ‘Happy Birthday’ down the corridor and birthday banners on the flat doors – I love my housemates.

I did go to work – what’s the point in booking the day off when no-one else would be off, I’d much rather spend it with my lovely work colleagues. They got me a lovely swanky salad bowl from John Lewis, and some LUSH pampering goodies. We also went out for lunch at The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields – was AMAZING! I had avocado with egg – which came on toasted bloomer, with chillies and I ordered chorizo to come with it too. Was so delicious! Everyone’s meals did look good, but I definitely didn’t have any food envy with this brunch delicacy in front of me:


In the evening I went to Alex’s to wait for him to finish work. I didn’t know where we were going, all I knew was the time to be ready. 8pm arrived, Alex was back and ready and I was excited – I really wanted to know what my surprise was! Jumping on the tube, he took us to Queensway (I had never got off here, so how would I have guessed where we were going). But then we walked to Whiteleys Shopping Centre and that’s when I realised – HE DID WELL! More than well.

Alex took me to The Lounge (Fancy Odeon Cinema we’ve been to previously, the weekend after valentines day) and we were waited on all night whilst watching the new Captain America Film (which is fantastic – definitely a MUST SEE!). We even had dinner in our screen (I had a naughty lamb kebab – I know! But was a posh one, so lots of lamb in a wrap and a side salad, so yummy!) and I had some delicious cocktails too. My favourite was one called a ‘red bird’ – prosecco, peach schnapps and grenadine with a strawberry straw (sweet) to stir. Very sweet but I will be re-making this at home!


Overall a birthday to remember!

But that wasn’t all:

Thursday (Night in with the housemates):

We all spent Thursday night in and cooked meatballs together and watched a chick flick. Love girly nights in with my two housemates! They then brought in cupcakes, singing happy birthday with a lighter – improvised candle haha. Lovely Evening!


20140403-091510.jpg 20140403-091455.jpg

Friday (my second big celebration):

Friday evening after a long day at work we all got dressed up and went to TGI Fridays for some cocktails and food. I think if I tell you all now we’ll be here all day, so perhaps I’ll write this separately (keep an eye out!), but it was an awesome night with Alex, the girls and Alex’s best friend and his girlfriend. Such a funny evening, and food and cocktails were delicious!

Here’s a sneaky peek at my food and drink



Saturday (Family Celebrations):

Saturday I boarded the train to journey home for the weekend with mango smoothie in hand – I treated myself for the train ride.


Mum and Dad greeted me at the station, and we headed back to the house. I had pressies, and lots of family coming to see me all day – was lovely! Mum, Dad and I sat down to a scrumptious meal (Three fish roast, potatoes and salad), and a bottle of prosecco to toast my birthday.


It then turned into mother’s day celebrations for the rest of the weekend – Shopping, Roast ( I cooked for the family – I know, so nice of me!), Film, and lunch out monday before heading back to London.


Had a fab weekend – love going home and seeing everyone! Not long until Easter trip home.

And now my birthday’s over – Maybe I should start planning next year…