We walked almost right up to the Savoy before I even realised Alex had booked tickets to Dreamgirls for my birthday surprise. One amazing birthday surprise.

I actually thought we might be going to see The Lion King. Yeah, we have seen it before. But Alex is dying to go again. And you know guys – everything is a bit for them too right? haha. So after burritos, and being taken the back route along to The Strand, I couldn’t quite believe that I hadn’t guessed/realised.

Dreamgirls, Savoy Theatre, London

Now, get yourself ready for a revelation. I didn’t know the whole story. And I hadn’t watched the film adaptation.

*gasp* all the shocks and horrors.

I knew little about the story, but had heard it was an amazing classic – it first hit broadway in 1981. And so yes, it had been on the ‘To-See’ theatre list.

Dreamgirls, Savoy Theatre, London

For those not in the know, the story..

Dreamgirls is set in the 1960s, a revolutionary time in the music industry. The story follows the journey of three close friends, and singing trio, the dreamettes – Effie, Lorrell and Deena.

The story starts at a talent show which is rigged for the dreamettes to lose so they can sing back-up to soul singer Jimmy Early. And that’s where it all begins. We then follow their battle to become music superstars, the highs, lows, loves and fall outs.

Dreamgirls, Savoy Theatre, London

Intertwined with plenty of music numbers, the story is easily followed and well played out – not a second thought or underlying concept.

The cast & characters

The actors and actresses were incredible. The passion, strength in their voices and enthusiasm radiated throughout. The dance numbers and singing was enough to cause goosebumps, which I did experience more than a few times. In fact, I think I sat smiling almost the whole way through.

Effie, lead Dreamette at the beginning, was amazing. Her voice was extremely powerful. Full of love and passion. It gave me shivers – especially the solo, “And I am telling you I’m not going”.

Dreamgirls, Savoy Theatre, London

Lorrell was funny, sweet and heart-warming. Deena, easily-moulded but a strong woman in the end with another incredible voice.

I LOVED Jimmy. He was funny, such a character with ALL THE SOUL. His voice was fantastic, his moves something else. He added such a humorous element to the production.

Dreamgirls, Savoy Theatre, London

The songs themselves, many well-known already, were performed to the highest standard and were super catchy. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack even now!

The set

Onto the set and scenes. This is something Alex and I couldn’t stop talking about. The scene changes were swift and smooth. Some we couldn’t believe how well they were done, including transforming the scene from looking on from backstage to being the crowd in the story.

The sets were fab too – the lights and design all came together to produce some fantastic scenes. The costumes were fantastic, with some awesome flashy, and jaw-dropping numbers worn by Jimmy and the Dreamettes.

Dreamgirls, Savoy Theatre, London


…One amazing performance. I had goosebumps several times, I smiled the whole way through, and came out motivated, inspired and SO envious of the talent. I’m not surprised Dreamgirls is a Tony and an Olivier Award-winning musical!

Sat in the stalls at The Savoy theatre, we had an incredible view – the seats I would recommend time and time again!

What’s on your must-see list? Have you been to see anything new recently?

Chloe xx

All photos taken from the official Dreamgirls website as no photography was allowed during the performance.