There are so many theatre productions to see. Which kind of adds to the magic of it. You can never possibly see them all surely. But also it means there’s always something new. Something you didn’t know the story to. A production you can go to see, to be transported to another decade, era, place or world. To give you that elated feeling, where you can’t stop talking about it, and your favourite parts, after, that awe towards the whole cast (set designers too). The urge to go and join a drama troupe. Ok just me? I don’t think I’d ever really make it. 

Little Shop of Horrors was my recent find. I know, I know. How did I not know about it. Well, I didn’t. However right now, it’s on at the Regents Park Open Air Theatre. My friend Abi treated me to tickets to cheer me up – she’s super thoughtful!!

Little Shop of Horrors, Regents Park Open Air Theatre

First things first. The Regents Park Open Air Theatre. It’s so much bigger than I expected. Located in the inner circle of the third largest of the royal parks in London, it’s one hidden gem! With 1,200 seats, all positioned in a quarter circle style fashion around a stage in the corner, I wondered how it’d work – sound, sight, etc. But we were sat up on the nearest side ( I.e. stage right), and the view was fab! As well as the sound. So I don’t think it would matter where you sat.

The story…

Not actually knowing the story myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s quite a weird one.

It starts with a florist and it’s owner, Mr. Mushnik, Seymour, an orphan he took in when he was little, and the damsel in distress aka. Audrey – an assistant at the florist. There are the three singer-dancers who help tell the story, and live on Skid Row, as well as Orin, Audrey’s crazy boyfriend, plus all the extras.

Seymour finds a rare plant on a shopping outing one day, during the eclipse, and it all stems from there. The plant grows and grows, becoming a phenomenon, but at an expense. It was such a strange story line, but it kind of added to the fun. It was funny, light-hearted and I didn’t see the end coming.

Little Shop of Horrors, Regents Park Open Air Theatre

As for the set…

They managed it so well for a static space – you can’t change the backdrop. With set pieces moving in upon scene changes, and each changing slightly during the production, it was really well thought out. Very creative.

The cast…

The team of actors and actresses were all very talented. The three singer/dancer/narrator types, were fab. Very confident, cool and edgy. The main three characters all fantastic in their own spotlight – I really liked Mr. Mushnik’s husky voice. And Seymour was so nerdy, you could tell through all of his actions, songs and dances. It radiated off him.

Orin, the crazy boyfriend, was eery. As he was supposed to be. He actually made my skin crawl, and that’s from back up on row R. The actor was amazing. He took on a few roles, each slightly different. Each quirky and flamboyant in its own way. And the energy he had was incredible.

The costumes…

The costumes were great too! They tied them nicely to the characters and storyline. The plant costumes, and the ones for the final song and dance scenes were amazing! They were so creative, eye-catching and vibrant. Totally different.

As for the tunes…

The songs were really catchy. Proper theatre tunes. Very boppy and songs you could easily sing along to.

The dances were great. Especially the ones at the end. It just looked like SO much fun! High energy, a little crazy, all so upbeat. I actually wanted to get up myself.


…one fun, weird, and quirky story, and a fab production! The songs were catchy, the dances great and we really enjoyed it. The Regents Park Open Air Theatre was one fantastic spot – I definitely need to book in for something else.

What have you seen recently? Any recommendations for me?

Chloe xx